Its summer in the UK right now so why am i sharing a winter recipe? Because its cold, wet and we are all ill! We decided just before our last shopping trip to widen our variety of fresh vegetables that we buy so we picked a few new ones to try including eggplant, i can’t believe we have never bought it before! So today we decided to add it to our beef stew and it was a big hit! 

I love, love stews because you can fill them with plenty of fresh vegetables! We used carrots, peppers, onions, spinich and the eggplant. 

We buy our beef from the local farm shop,  we love to buy local and support small businesses where we can,  its always better quality! 

Heres the recipe!! 

350g stewing steak

2 red onions

2 peppers

4 large carrots 

1 eggplant

Couple handfuls spinich 

2 tins chopped tomatoes

1 litre beef stock (we use kallo low salt) 

2TBS Italian seasoning 


Chop onions and peppers and place on the bottom of the slow cooker 

Peel and chop carrots into about an inch long chunks 

Cut the eggplant into cubes then add spinich,  tomatoes and stock and stir

Lay beef on the top and sprinkle with seasoning

Cook for approx 6-8 hours on low or 4-6 hours on high carrots should be soft enough to easily put a fork in and beef falls apart easy. 

Enjoy :) 

Beef And Eggplant Stew 

Weight Loss Month 3

Its all change! I’ve shifted my months to be from the first of every month, I’ve had a bit of a break from working out so it was the perfect time to switch and now much easier to keep track of. This month we’ve had a baby shower, the early arrival of our granddaughter and our holiday week all in one month. 

So firstly in my third month i lost 7lb, 4lb of that was in 1 week, i started Jillian Michaels 30 day shred and its so good! Im currently on level three which i didnt complete, so I’ll pick that back up next week. My total weight loss now is 3 stone, i haven’t put any back on during my break, I’ve kept mostly active and eaten my normal relatively healthy diet, with some extra treats and with spending alot of time at the hospital over a three day period while my daughter was in labour i just had to eat what the hospital had on offer and what would keep me awake through the night, and whats on offer is shocking! Maltezers and Cheddars were the best thing i could find from the vending machine, which kept me awake and gave me stomach ache too, im disgusted that the only food available all the time is junk..  In a hospital!! 

I worked out 5 days out of the 7, i managed 6 days one week, its not always easy some days are difficult, i love working out and i know the benifits, i have lots of motivation most of the time, but sometimes its just hard and i have to force myself to workout, usually it turns out to be the best workout ever but sometimes its a struggle the whole way through, wishing it would just end, but always by the end I’m happy that i got through it, another step closer to my fitness goal, another step closer to a healthier body.

I’ve been having a little trouble with my shoulder but enter the amazing DUK tape which gives me relief, we have been having so much fun making our videos for our business, its not really like work at all because we enjoy it so much, I’m slowly getting used to being in front of the camera, more practice is needed but we are definitely enjoying all the learning and how its changing us, for me i can feel my confidence and self esteem growing daily! so heres a short clip of me talking about our awesome DUK :) 

On to food…  The weather has picked up a bit in the last week or so and we have been taking full advantage, my hubby has been cooking on the BBQ whenever possible, he makes the best chicken kebabs, they are just amazing! Recipe coming soon! 

My goal is now set to loose another 3 stone before Christmas, with hubby now in full time work, working out is going to be difficult, along with looking after the little ones and working from home but I’m determined to find way so watch this space to see how it goes. 

Broccoli & Walnut Salad 

This is an absolute favorite,  i love it and our family loves it too,  we first made it at little s birthday party,  along with the homemade coleslaw, chilli and baked potatoes.  This weekend I made it for our oldest daughters baby shower,  we had a BBQ even though the weather was cold it was still great fun.  

We have also made it using Greek yogurt and mayo but never the sour cream with Greek yogurt which I imagine is much healthier so maybe one day I will have to try it,  but been as we don’t have this very often,  I use the mayo :) 


2 medium fresh broccoli heads

1 large carrot grated

1/2 cup walnuts

1/4 cup red onion

1/4 cup dried cranberries

1 Apple cored and chopped

1/2 cup mayonnaise

1/2 cup soured cream

2 TBS lemon juice

1tsp sugar

Black pepper


Toast walnuts on a dry skillet for approx 4-5 mins and then chop them finely

Combine chopped broccoli, grated carrot, chopped Apple, onion, walnut and cranberries in a mixing bowl

Mix together mayonnaise, soured cream, lemon juice, sugar and black pepper then pour over mixture and stir until combined.

Autism and Magnetic Technology

Here is an introduction to us, our first video and to little t, he decided he would like to also make an appearance in this video as we were talking about him.  It wasn’t easy to do, not just the fact that we were sat in front of a camera but because of the subject, our boy is a happy boy, he loves everyone so easily and is a joy to be around even with so much energy, little s wakes up and is so excited to see him every morning when he comes in the room, he brightens up all our lives with his smile and cheeky ways but not having a lot of support, being stared at, laughed at and judged is difficult even when you know it comes with it and a lot of other parents go through the same but we wanted to sit and talk about what we discovered that helped him so that hopefully it would reach other people and help them too, whether it be autism, adhd, a chronic disease like little s or other illnesses.

An update since this was made we are now leaning more towards ADHD after doing some more research and looking at his assessments.  We also went to the farm the other day,  we have been a few times before but this time we were suprised that little t actually interacted with the animals and took interest in them,  we also noticed on the way there when I pointed out a windmill he looked and was interested the same when I pointed out a horse we passed too.  He even made a new friend,  the little red hen,  from one of his favorite books.  This isn’t a cure and we aren’t looking for one but we are so pleased with his progress since he had the Kenko Sleep System and PiMag Waterfall and so is he. 🙂


UPDATE. since this post was published little t has been saying new words and putting them together too,  he also is now wearing his powerband,  finally! Which means he now has coverage during the day.🙂

Here a little look into what his bedding looks like :) 

You can find more information on products discussed for UK here and for USA/Canada here

Counting to 10

We have been working on some puzzles and matching games, especially with the numbers and little t can now count to 10!! Its a big thing for him with him having a speech delay, the numbers aren’t perfectly clear but they are good enough for us to understand which he is saying and he is just working on perfecting them, he learns best through play at the moment and from learning songs on YouTube, so that’s how we teach him. We didn’t rush him or expect him to be able to count to 10 so soon, he just learnt through song and play. He loves to match the animals with the flash cards which can hold his attention for 1 go through them all, we made this game up together and at one time he would want to play it at least once a day.


Since he enjoyed this one so much we decided to try it with the numbers to help him get familiar with what they look like, he sees them on the TV but it’s better for him to be able to touch and hold them. It’s taking a while for him to be interested in going all the way through them he is easily distracted but he’s getting there, we will keep offering him to sit with us and play or just leave it out and he can then decide when he wants to play it and then we can go and help him.


Weight loss Challenge – second month review

This month has been great I’ve lost a steady 2lb a week which adds to my already 1 stone.

I decided to try a different workout this month Jillian Michael’s, Banish Fat Boost Metabolism, wow!! it kills she is a mean machine and very good at what she does, the motivation she gives throughout is great one particular quote stuck in my head or the just if it did, it was “you are stronger than you think” it definitely kept me going through all the circuits. The weather was so warm these past few weeks so I was a sweaty mess afterwards even though the windows were open and the fan on but still only loosing the 2lb, I did it 4 times a week for 2 weeks, I had hoped to loose more but 2lb is still great a loss is loss and another step towards my goal.


My shoulder wasn’t doing to well so I used some DUK tape,  no its not the black tape we use for wires etc which is what I immediately thought of when I first heard of it, it stands for Dynamic Underlay Kinetic tape it is the only kinetic tape to contain Nikken’s Advanced Far-Infrared and Negative Ion technology, it comforts stressed muscles and joints and promotes greater freedom of movement, great for working out or afterwards and It felt amazing!! As soon as I put it on I could feel the warmth all around my shoulder and upper arm, I had it on for about 4 days and showered with it on too. you can find more information on it here as well as a special offer. for USA/Canada go here


This next month I will be doing one of her other dvds the 30 day shred, it says on the did cover that you can loose upto 20lbs in that time, so we will see how much I can burn off. I aim to do it 6 times a week as they are only 20 minute workouts.

This months meals have been a lot of summer food, plenty of salads for me, I have noticed especially when we have our treat meal, I can’t eat as much. I’m not really ever hungry either anymore, I’m not quite sure at what point this happened but my stomach has most definitely shrunk.

Sweet Potato & Spinich Soup

Grapefruit with Raw Honey & Cinnamon


Egg & Meat Salad


Egg, Asparagus and Cottage Cheese


Chicken and Advacado Salad


Spicy Scrambled Egg on wholemeal toast with salsa

Chicken and Veg


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You can’t Change other people but you can change yourself

I’ve seen a lot of quotes and statuses recently talking about the way others treat us, how people try so hard to make effort with others and get nowhere, give help even when they are at their lowest only to receive nothing back when they need it the most, being judged, excluded, and being brought down.

To those people and anyone else who is reading this and feeling this way, you cannot change them, you can only change yourself. I wondered for a long time what does that mean? and how can I change if I’m doing the best I can already?, what more could I possibly do? We are made to believe that to be a good person we must love these people anyway because no one is perfect and we should be compassionate, forgiving and all the rest of it, well I misunderstood this completely, it’s not OK to let people continue to treat us like dirt, it’s not OK to let people exclude and ignore your children, yes forgive and you don’t have to hold a grudge and you can still love them but if it’s affecting your life then you need to change! Here’s how..

Remove those people from your life you may not be the most popular person with your decision and it surely isn’t easy but let me tell you the relief is worth it, you do not need to be surrounded by other people’s negativity towards you or your family, who aren’t going to give even a small amount as much as they keep taking, who are going to talk about you behind your back or tell you how to parent because they think they know better than you, it grinds you down, it certainly did to me, through some of our worst times these kind of people just added to it with no thought or care to how we were feeling at the time, it not only affected me but my whole family life, I needed to remove myself from people and situations and make the hurt stop. My kids especially with their difficulties need people around them who love and care for them, not that are going to judge, exclude and make fun of them. We all need this! And this is how we change ourselves, it’s how I changed towards people who clearly weren’t going to, to some it may sound harsh but myself, my hubby and my kids wellbeing comes first before anything else. I want my children to know how it’s unacceptable to treat people this way, I want them to grow up with good people in their life who will make them feel good about themselves when they are around them, not bad or inferior. So surround yourself instead with people who do care, who are positive and who are there for you when you need it the most, focus your time and energy on them, you will find them they are there, be there for them. it’s amazing how much your whole life can improve. I understand it’s hard especially when it’s family or someone you care about deeply but it’s worth it.

Every aspect of our life has improved we may not have a lot of people in it right now but those people are the best people I know, they are always there, sometimes when things are tough we have to step up and be there for them more but we know roles revesersed they would do the same and certainly have done. They support us with our children and most importantly love our children, support our business and our way of life. Any relationship is a two way street and requires effort. Instead of feeling negative about it and how everyone’s the same, the world is doomed or best not make friends with anyone because they will only end up treating you like a piece of dirt, we have opened up ourselves for new friendships, our whole outlook is much more positive and there is no more tears of hurt or days spent worrying what others think or what someone said because we know what the people who truly know and love us think and that’s all that matters.

I love being surrounded by these positive people, in our business, social and personal life, it’s amazing what a difference it makes to them we say.. We love you all, we thank you for your kindness, your help, your understanding and to those that encourage us to be better people. We have seen such a great support from the people in our business from all around the world this week as we launched our first video explaining part of our story, it was incredibly difficult for me to do, not just the speaking on the camera but also the subject, but with help and encouragement of those around me I did it.

I came across this infographic and thought it could be applied to every asspect of our lives.