Natural Cleaning Supplies & Hand Wash

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Liquid hand soap was the first household item we made, using peppermint castile soap, cooled boiled water and coconut oil but I found the coconut oil just wouldn’t stay in liquid form so we stopped putting it in.

If you are a regular to my blog you will know that my husband has eczema, I have sensitive and dry skin and Little S also has eczema and this has been fine on all our hands. It’s so easy to make and takes hardly any time at all. We started off by using an old washed out simple soap container to do the measuring and used cooled boiled water,  We fill the container about 3/4 way then add 5 drops of tea tree oil to 1 tablespoon of baby mild Castile soap (or another kind), then add in the other tablespoon but you can use any kind of Castile soap. its important to put the oils into the soap first to help it mix properly. I love tea tree because of its anti bacterial properties, Tea tree is my new bleach! i also love lemon, i love the clean smell and it also has many great benefits, so then we top up with a bit more water, tip it upside down, after putting the lid on of course 🙂 shaking it would cause too much suds and I don’t want it to suds up until I put it on my hands. Then put it into a nice looking soap pump, we found using the empty simple soap pumps that it would go everywhere and waste some of it. You could also use a foaming soap pump, we have a large one which we use to make our kids shampoo in, we use the same ingredients minus the essential oils just different measurements. We also use the same ingredients for our cloth baby wipes, multi purpose cleaning spray, we use the spray to clean the bathroom but also to kitchen, oven, mirrors and pretty much everything, we have found it great for cutting through grease, we love it!

**UPDATE – We now have an excellent water filter that reduces all the nasty chemicals, chlorine and other nasties in our water, we use this to cook our food, wash our food, we also have a shower filter that removes 100% chlorine and reduces all the other nasties so we also now use that same water in our household cleaning products.

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You will need….

A nice liquid soap pump
250ml cooled boiled water/filtered water
2 tablespoons baby mild castile soap
5 drops of Essential oils of your choice

Add oils to the Castile soap then add to water,

If using an old soap pump to measure don’t shake just tip



Cloth Wipes Solution

For about 12 wipes we use

1 cup Filtered water

2 tablespoons of baby mild castle soap

5 drops of tea tree oil.

Always put the essential oils into the Castile soap first and then add to the water

Mix and pour over wipes

Multi Purpose Cleaning Spray 

We use the spray bottles from ikea

Filtered water

2 tbsp of citrus castle soap

5 drops of tea tree oil

Fill the bottle half way with filtered water

Add essential oils to soap then add to the bottle and top up with filtered water

Tip to mix and your done!

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