A late catchup

My healthy eating and cooking plan was going great I’ve learnt so much and have so much more to learn and in February one very little big thing changed everything, February 14th to be precise. We found out we are expecting!! This is my third pregnancy and I knew my eating habits were going to change and there was nothing I could do about it. With my last pregnancy I suffered with hyperemesis, a lot of people who don’t understand this would consider being sick as part of pregnancy, they tell you pregnancy isn’t a illness and they are right pregnancy isn’t, however, hyperemesis is! I was around 5 weeks pregnant when it started this time and by 8 weeks I was admitted to hospital with dehydration and ketones, I tried all the natural remedies and nothing worked, water and anything liquid was the worst, I just couldn’t keep it down and I was exhausted! Up until I was admitted to hospital the doctors had tried various tablets that didn’t work and the last one just made it worse! I’m not big on needles but who is?, having the drip in was like magic, I felt myself rehydrate it was the most awesome feeling, all I’d wanted to do was drink water I was so thirsty but it would never stay down. Now with the medication going in through the drip I was able to sip water and eat without throwing up. I managed through the next 10 weeks struggling to keep liquid down and keep myself hydrated then at 17 weeks I was taken into hospital again, this time I was in much longer and a little more serious as I got worse my first day there due to not being given enough fluids and medication that the doctor had prescribed. What surprised me about the hospital visits apart from the lack of communication and competence of the staff was the meals, the ones they marked healthy were certainly not what I would call healthy, in fact far from it! I was given a yogurt because my blood pressure had dropped and when I looked at the ingredients I was horrified to find aspartame in there, in a hospital. This time when I came home I was able to eat a little bit more normally salads and some vegetables, very small amounts of meat which was good and much better than all the bread, potato, chips and rubbish I’d had to bring myself to eat, it’s really difficult to eat something when you know what’s in it and have been researching and practicing clean eating, but when it comes down to either eat it or starve myself and my unborn child, well looking at it that way made it much easier. Now I’m at 30 weeks still on meds but not as sick and more able to make and eat better meals again. In that time though my 2 year old decided to become a fussy eater even though my hubby has done his very best to keep everything running on his own whilst I’ve been poorly for months! So I’ve been finding ways to make sure he has veg and re introducing proper food again, and as soon as September comes we will be starting to make and freeze meals ready for when baby arrives… Somewhere around the end of October. 🙂



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