Extra Moisturising Homemade Bodywash

My husband has very bad eczema and it took a few trys to get this right so that it didn’t dry out his skin more than the store bought ones. We just took what worked and left out what didn’t, in the end we have this and its perfect!.. for us.

Its super easy to throw together which is another thing we like. What we did find was that it needed to be made in advance and left for about a week to make sure its all combined properly, we just left it on the side and gave it a shake every now and then. When its ready to use, the colour goes lighter. I’m not sure why this happens but it works! We also found it better to apply by using a sponge,  you only need a small amount as it foams up quite a lot.

If you have a shower over bath make sure you rinse it out well after use as this is super moisturising it can stick to the bath, we have our multi purpose spray on hand and it easily cleans it off. The essential oil mix we use is lavender and geranium both are good for the skin. If you know your essential oils well, you can use whatever combination you choose to suit you.


Extra Moisterising Homemade Bodywash

You will need..

1 cup baby mild castile soap

1 cup almond oil

1 cup melted coconut oil

3/4 cup melted raw honey

3tsps vitamin E

150 drops of essential oil (135 lavender, 45 geranium)


empty litre bottle


Add ingredients in order into the litre bottle using the funnel and shake well

Leave for up to a week the colour should become lighter (as below)

2015-05-20 07.59.20


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