My Weightloss/gain story so far….

I guess my story begins almost 20 years ago when I had my first baby, Whose now 19 and married!! after she was born I went on the pill and it made me really sick so I stopped that and tried the injection, which was fine except the year I was on it I put on 6 stone!! By the time I realised what it was it was too late. I’m 5ft 4inch and medium build most defiantly pear shape, I have birthing hips! And that’s ok cause it makes it easier 🙂 I put on a stone a month without realising and was soon a size 20-22 on the bottom and 16-20 up top depending on brand etc, It sent me down a spiral of low self esteem and anxiety, I wouldn’t go out on my own, I couldn’t even make it to the corner shop.Life events happened, I got divorced and something changed I was determined! 

I started the Mayo diet a low carb high fat diet that I was able to stick to, taking a break every two weeks. I lost 6 stone altogether, averaging a stone a month, along with the diet I did dance workout, tae bo and running. I used to hate running but I grew to love it, I could just run for an hour or more, big achievement for me! My confidence grew and I was independent again. I went to college and university, got a degree in creative lens media, and started my own photography business photographing weddings and families. 

I met my husband in 2009 and we were married in 2010 in 2011 I fell pregnant with our son little T, and I was sick!! So sick all the way through until the day he was born. I had what they call hyperemesis, and all I could eat was junk food! It seemed the heavy, stodgy food was the only thing that would stay down and I had tried everything. So Guess what happened? the pounds pilled on, my doctor told me not to worry, just to get through and eat what my body tells me too. Towards the end I was so hungry! All.. The… Time!! I also had SPD which means my pelvic bones had started to prematurely soften and the pain was so bad some days I couldn’t walk or sleep! So no exercising for me, even though I did my best and tried to go for short walks I’d put on about 3 or 4 stone!  

Little T was born in summer time so we went out for walks as soon as I was able, after being sick for 9 months and having spd the last few I wasn’t able to get out much or go very fast wherever I went, but it gradually got better and I managed to loose a stone. Then I fell pregnant with our little girl and the hyperemesis came back with avengence as did the spd along with the need to eat stodgy junk food, this time it was more difficult because when our son started weaning was when we started to discover better food, we cut out most processed foods and made our meals and other things from scratch, which was now difficult to do with me being so sick and my husband being in uni, so at this point we just did the best we could but by the time little s was born I had put on more weight and was back to where I had started pre weight loss. 

I suffered with post natal depression and post natal anxiety after both pregnancies and this time it’s taking a lot longer to recover. For the past 10 months I have been still suffering with spd which has got a lot better, I have been walking every chance I get and I even tried to do a work out every now and then but I injured my foot and it’s not healing too well, so I can’t really do the daily intense workouts. In those 10 months I haven’t put any weight on but now I need to loose weight. I’m doing a very low calorie diet hoping it will take some weight off my foot so that it can heal and I’ll be able to then workout properly. Unfortunately for me and my metabolism just eating healthy without working out doesn’t seem to work for weight loss unless I eat a very low calorie diet, but now I know that it will maintain my weight.  

As of the 21st September 2015 I start my journey again, little S finished breastfeeding last week, and that was very emotional but I know it’s for the best, I need to be able to look after my kids and be healthy. I’m looking forward to being able to run again and run around with my kids because once little s starts running I will need to be able to. 🙂 


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