Why we are choosing Home Education 

There are many reasons why we have chosen to home educate our two youngest children but I’m going to tell you the main ones in no particular order, if you send your children to school we are not in anyway saying you are a bad parent, these reasons are just how we feel and what is right for our family.

We believe each child is unique and has their own way of learning they enjoy different activities, topics etc, some learn fast, some learn slower there is a large amount of the population that fit into what the world calls the norm, however there are those that don’t, so what about them?, they are given a label because they learn differently, my husband and and I are both labeled dyslexic, it’s a learning disability, in my opinion it’s not a disability just because we learn differently from the majority, by homeschooling we will be able to teach our children however they learn best using their interests! and certainly won’t be using the words learning disability. 

We are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Mormons as we are more widely known, our religion is important to us and we want to be able to teach our children by example, we want them to know its ok to have a religion to think for yourself, to know they are a child of God, to be kind and love everyone including those that don’t agree or live the way we do. With God being taken out of schools it’s just not a place we want our kids to be. As a parent I personally feel it is my responsibility to teach, nurture and be their example and the best way to do that is by being around them. 

We think the school day is too long especially for little ones, the starting age too young and that little children learn a lot though play and that’s what they should be doing, enjoying the outside, by going to school they miss out on so much, we only get one childhood and we want our children to really experience it with what we feel is best. 

Our oldest now 19 always had trouble in school and was a completely different person during the holidays, she learns different from the norm, lacks concentration and is easily distracted, and with both those things one on one teaching would of helped her, when the teachers sat with her and explained properly she got it and did well, however they see it as a burden if a child needs more attention than the others and doesn’t pick things up quickly, we had problems with more than one teacher all throughout her schooling, if we knew then what we know now it would have been a totally different story, coming from North Wales home education wasn’t an option, it was only when I married my husband and moved up north that we met home educating families and a whole new world was opened up to us. 

Since we decided to home educate many thing have happened to reaffirm our decision, our son had an assessment around 2 years old with a health visitor so we went along to the health centre, we had never met her before and she knew nothing about us, we explained to her about the ordeal he had had at the hospital when he was a bit younger, he has a condition called primary vesicoureteral reflux, it is a defect in the development of the valve at the end of the tube that carries urine from the kidneys to the bladder and the tests they had to do to diagnosis this were quite distressing, the kidney function test could not be done as they tried about 6 times to get the canular in, nurses and doctors couldn’t seem to get it in and he was very distressed so I said no more and haven’t had them retry, we found out later that that particular test wasn’t exactly nessersary and it changed him, he was scared to go into hospitals, he doesn’t like being restricted and his speech suffered too he completely stopped progressing so I explained and she sat there with her clipboard and paper with tick boxes offered all kinds of referrals from hearing checks to speech therapy and nursery …. Did she listen to anything I said? He sat there and drew, did a puzzle and built with the blocks then knocked them down, apparently the blocks had to be 4 high and because he was only building them 3 high it was cause for concern, he didn’t want to point to the pictures in a book, a very old book with telephones that were around when I was young, and there’s no way he would of recognised what it was. When we went to leave he wanted to close the door, he loves opening and closing doors, I was holding his hand and explaining to him to leave the door and she took his hand off the door and was saying no to him sternly, I was stood right there, my husband was next to me, if I wasn’t feeling so sick (I was pregnant) and wanting to get out of the place I would have had some choice words for her, never again, who do they think they are judging a child from a checklist and interfering with my child like that. 

People ask a lot about socialising and think it will be a huge problem for home educated children, there are plenty of opportunities in their life to socialise with others people of all ages, we have our church, there is local home ed groups and the regular clubs that kids go to, I’m from a small family but they already love their aunties and uncles and when they finally have kids (hint, hint) 😉 they get to play with them too!! They also love to visit their grandparents and a few Aunties, uncles and cousins that we see on my hubby’s side. I think that’s plenty of socialisation. 
We are looking forward to being able to explore the country and travel whenever we want to, there is lots to explore and learn, I love to travel and I love learning about other cultures, I’m looking forward to be able to show my family the places I’ve traveled. Most of all I’m looking forward to discovering how my children learn and the best way to teach them, I’ve learnt so much already, the future is exciting!! 🙂 

A bit about our youngest two

Little T – 3 years old, loves music, puzzles, building things and taking them apart, the outside and singing he doesn’t communicate much with words at the moment he is taking his time taking other things in, he gets a little frustrated when he can’t get across what he wants but he is slowly learning bit by bit, to help him we watch songs on YouTube he copy’s them and is learning new words all the time he’s coming on slowly but he improves all the time, he loves movies with music in too, cars, planes, buses, trucks and kicking a ball, he is a runner, jumper and climber, so much energy.  Despite his lack of speech he knows farm animals, counts to 3, knows shapes and can draw in circles. He loves to paint and make a mess but doesn’t like getting mess on him. He is really helpful and independent, the only time he doesn’t mind his little sister touching him is when he helps change her nappy, slowly he is giving her more cuddles and just lately kisses too. 🙂

Little S – 1 year old, she is a smiler and loves laughing, she loves her brother and wants to be near him all the time, he’s not as keen. She has the best throw I’ve ever seen she picks up the balls and throws them across the room. She’s started to talk and sing, just like her brother she loves music. She has a condition called primary lympheodema in her left arm, her arm and hand are swollen it’s been a fight to get her to see a specialist and we are still waiting, once she sees a specialist hopefully they will be able to teach us massage and management of her swelling it’s not something that ever goes away but it can be managed, if nothing works then she will need an mri to look further and with our experiences it scares me to death so we are hoping and praying we get her seen soon and something to help her, she doesn’t let it bother her though and is able to do everything she would normally. Unlike her brother she loves messy play she’s the first to the bowl or the sensory bin. For some reason she loves to point her toes everyone says that she will be a ballerina 😉 


3 thoughts on “Why we are choosing Home Education 

  1. Much of what you have written resonates well with me. My kids have become more social and confident now that we homeschool. I suspect that being away from the pressure to conform gives them room to grow into who they are meant to be.

    1. Most definitely, i never thought about it before but all the pressures of having to learn a certain way, be a certain way, have certain abilities must be draining especially for children who are different, for myself i didnt do well in school but university where i didnt have to fit into any such thing i did amazingly well, the only stresses were getting things finished on time and the way i wanted it. I was able to focus on what I was there to do.

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