Detox Epsom Salt Bath

I love taking baths, especially after a workout or when i have aches and pains, which after 3 kids I’ve had a few of recently. I started taking weekly epsom salt baths a few months ago and now i love taking baths even more!! My kids have them too and they are a great addition to their bedtime routine, which my two really need.
I have read alot of articles on how epsom salt baths draw out the toxins in your body, are a good sourse of magnesium, how it boosts your immune system aswell as other health benifits, more information on that HERE, but this is what ive found..

For me I use 2 cups Epsom salts, 1 cup baking soda- because we dont have filtered water (updated to add we do now!! you can find out more about that HERE) and it helps neutralise the chlorine and any other chemicals in the water, Doterra Lavender oil, Clary Sage oil,  Bergamot and a good tablespoon of coconut oil. It leaves my skin feeling amazing! Its a good idea to have this bath before bed as you need to have a good rest afterwards. The first time i had one of these baths I felt sick, I followed the instructions and showered down with cold water afterwards, drank water and lay down but i guess it was all the toxins coming out because ive been fine afterwards ever since. It is sometimes difficult to stay in the whole 20 mins because it’s so hot and you sweat!! But it does get easier and is so worth it, i feel so relaxed, the pain from my spd eased and I have no problem falling asleep.

Little t takes a while to go to sleep and its different every night, but he really enjoys his nightly baths, its all about routine for him and once he is asleep he sleeps the whole night. Little s usually goes to sleep well and sleeps through alot of the time unless she has wind or is teething and with her having Lymphoedema she has a lower immune system than usual so hopefully this will help, she also has bad eczema and we have been using lavender and germanium in her salt baths and used our homemade eczema cream along with Shea butter and coconut oil during the day and it’s working, she still had dry patches on her ankles but it’s cleared the redness and milder dry patches without having to use steroid cream. UPDATE After removing gluten and dairy from her diet she is now eczema free 🙂 

My hubby also has eczema really bad, he started taking the baths daily using 6 drops of frankincense then using our homemade eczema cream afterwards and is getting so much better again with no use of steroid cream, all we need now is the filtered water.

UPDATE we use Doterra Essential Oils after alot of research we feel these are the best and because they are pure essential oils means we now use less so the amounts have been updated below.
Make sure you put the essential oils into the epsom salts first, never put them straight in the bath.

This is what we use.

For adults (twice weekly) 

2 cups epsom salt

1 cup baking soda

1 TBS organic coconut oil

6 drops essential oils

For adults everyday use

1 cup epsom salts

3/4 cup baking soda

1TBS coconut oil

6 drops essential oils

Run a hot bath and add the essential oils you are using to the cups of epsom salts then add to your bath along with baking soda and oil. Try not to get your hair in it but as much of your body as you can and sweat it out for a good 20 mins.
Stand up carefully and rince off with cold water, pat dry, drink filtered water and rest for 2 hours.

For kids.. a good article for kids HERE

Little t is 5 years old and has half a bath full of water and we put..

1 cup epsom salts

1/4 cup baking soda

2 drops lavender essential oil

1TBS coconut oil

He doesn’t stay in the full 20 mins but he gets dried with a warm towel and has a drink of water when he is done.

Little S is 2 year old and we fill the tub so it covers her to her waist when she sits in it and every night we put..

1/2 cup epsom salts

1/4 cup baking soda

1 drop lavender essential oil

1TBS coconut oil

You can purchase essential oils from here


18 thoughts on “Detox Epsom Salt Bath

  1. I just stumbled upon these detox baths and have been doing them for a few moths now! I loooove them! They help me to feel and sleep better. I know they are helping get rid of the toxins as well, we just can’t really see it. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes!! I have the best sleep, they are so relaxing, who would have thought a bath could have so many benefits!! Your welcome, thanks for stopping by 🙂

  2. This was a real interesting read. I think I would benefit from trying epsom salts. I like the idea of how it cleanses. Thanks for linking up to the other info as well. I am going to get some ordered and give it a try.

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