Christmas on a Budget – Advent Activitys Week 1

20151201_195931.jpgI know advent calendars are not that expensive but this year we wanted to save every pound and put it to better use as our kids don’t really eat chocolate a lot, so we decided on an activity calendar and discovered loads of great ideas that cost little or nothing, so the day before advent began i printed out some Christmassy pictures on card and little s loves to draw, it’s her new thing to do so she coloured her sheet and little t loves stickers, I only gave them one sheet each because that’s all their attention span would probably manage, once they finished decorating and colouring I cut out the shapes, it’s much easier for them to decorate on a full sheet and me cut them out afterwards. I printed out activities on regular paper and we decided what to do for each day and here’s this weeks advent activities …. 

Advent day 1 – Sing Christmas songs, we have a Disney Christmas cd and book, so we put it on and we sang along and the kids danced and enjoyed the music. We love music in our home so it’s always a good choice πŸ™‚

Advent day 2 – write and mail Christmas cards, we usually make Christmas cards but last year we got some for pennies in the January sale, we will still make some for immediate family but this way we get to send everyone we want to send to without spending anything, we buy our stamps in bulk so we usually always have some, little t really enjoyed posting them. 

20151203_200519.jpgAdvent day 3 – make snowflakes, we made paper snowflakes and some out of craft sticks too, with the paper we cut a square out of plain paper and the kids drew on them, then I folded and cut out the shapes, hubby glued the craft sticks to make a snowflake shape and we let them dry, then without our help little t decided he was putting glue and glitter on his, little s loves glitter and sparkles so we sprinkled the glitter on for her and stuck some sequeins on to… There was glitter everywhere and it’s probably still floating around but they had lots of fun and little t was pleased with his creation, so it was defiantly worth it πŸ™‚ 20151203_200738.jpg

wpid-20151115_142042.jpgAdvent day 4 – Christmas movie and popcorn, little t’s new favourite Christmas movie is the polar express, as it happens to be my favourite too I don’t mind that he chooses this one everytime! πŸ™‚ we made our homemade popcorn, little s loves it too so we have to make sure all the unpopped bits are out before she digs in. πŸ™‚ 

photogrid_1449436063190.jpgAdvent day 5 – reading Christmas books and hot chocolate, the kids hadn’t had hot chocolate before, we make our own but we also have green and blacks and little t loves them both, little s isn’t as fussed, we might have to change the amount of honey in our homemade one, she doesn’t have a sweet tooth at all. I love the snowman we watch it every Christmas Eve a tradition started long ago pinched from one of my close friends, and I love the book just as much, little t doesn’t sit down to listen to stories he doesn’t know he will do his own thing whilst listening and little s just loves any kind of book, she comes over to look at the photos and points at them, she loved the cover of the snowman because it was all glittery…. She just loves her glitter! πŸ™‚ 


Advent day 6 – making an ornament. We had some foam Christmas trees we picked up at poundland, some craft bits and pieces that I found in our craft box and some Merry Christmas ribbon to hang them on the tree, little s wanted to colour her tree and little t loved the sticking, he used the glue stick to stick his craft shapes down and decorate his tree. He doesn’t do it all in one sitting though, he will come back to it and add more once he gets the hang of it. 


25 thoughts on “Christmas on a Budget – Advent Activitys Week 1

  1. ITs been a while since we diligently observe the Advent Calendar… for us at home September starts the Christmas chill holiday, and we are so excited. πŸ˜€


  2. Im definitely going to look into this because its such a cute idea but my daughter is allergic to milk so we can’t do chocolate so an alternative would be so fun! I’m so excited for the holiday season!

  3. I haven’t done this in years… maybe decades. It’s nice to have traditions though. I need to start some up even if it’s just me.

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