Christmas on a budget Advent Activities Week 2

20151207_205401png.jpgDay 7 – make glitter play dough – little s loves glitter and Playdoh, the Playdoh was pretty easy to make, we buy the cheapest brands for all our crafts and used 2 cups flour, 1/2 cup salt, 2 TBS cream of tartar, 1TBS fine glitter, 2 TBS vegetable oil, glycerine, 1 1/2 cups boiling water, red food colouring. We mixed the dry ingredients together first then mixed in the vegetable oil and approx 1/4tsp glycerine. Add the food colouring to the water, we used a whole small tube of the red gel, I was going for a red to be festive but it didn’t work out so pink it is. Add the water about 1/4 cup at a time, and mix, it may seem sloppy but it does soak in as you mix it, let it cool then turn out onto a floured surface, you may need to keep adding flour to stop it sticking to the board but knead until the dough is no longer sticky and at the right texture. Keep it in an air tight container or zip lock, we have had some last several months. We printed out the mats from HERE and laminated them.

Day 8 – watch favourite Christmas movie, ย Elf Story has been a favourite of little t’s for a few Christmas’ and it is just long enough for little s to enjoy.

Day 9 – make gift bags/tags, we had one of those days so much going on that we ended up printing some out and still need to decorate our gift bags. I will update once we do.

20151213_233042.jpgDay 10 – breakfast for dinner, we rarely have a cooked breakfast, it’s just too much first thing in the morning, Christmas morning being the exception because we wait a little while longer, so it was nice to have it at dinner time, it was little s first cooked breakfast, we had sausage… My kids love sausage we get it from Costco and its 90 something percent pork the best we have found…. Bacon, the best we have had is from a small farm shop not far from where we live, scrambled eggs, coconut fried bread.. Kids loved this too, Organic mushrooms, Organic baked beans and scrambled egg and it was yummy!!

20151213_232943.jpgDay 11 – read a Christmas story, little s was more interested in this today she loves the nativity bag and we were able to read some of the story as she played and handed me the felt pieces, she also loves touchy-feely books. Little t may not have seemed like he was listening but that’s how he always seems to be with new books, movies or songs but if they are read enough we are always surprised at how much he actually was listening, his favourite book…. The gruffalo!! ๐Ÿ™‚

20151213_120059.jpgDay 12- decorate Windows, little t loving stickers as he does loved this even more, he carefully placed every sticker around where he was directed and was so pleased with his finished window, we decorated a big window we have in our dining room as its better for us all to be able to see and little t got to put some snowflakes on his bedroom window too. We picked up the small snowflakes from poundland and the others from b&m bargins.



22 thoughts on “Christmas on a budget Advent Activities Week 2

  1. My mom used to make us Christmas for breakfast sometimes and it was the best! I would have loved to make glitter play doh too!

  2. This year I plan to be intentional about Christmas activities. I’ll share this on my FB wall for later reference. I love the Christmas movies to bits…I am admittedly a sucker for Christmas.

  3. Some great ideas for Christmas and it is going to be so exciting as we get closer to the holidays. I love decorating windows a lot and making unique gift bags has also been a tradition that I follow for long!

  4. I love your advent activities ideas! We’ve been doing lots of little days here and there in the lead up to Christmas already to introduce it to our daughter for the first time (since she’s been aware anyway). I’ll definitely be trying some of these out!

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