Christmas on a budget – Advent Activities week 3

It’s been a busy week trying to get ready for Christmas, cleaning the house, having family over, so we didn’t nessersarily do the specific activity every day, but we did do them. We all are really enjoying, learning, trying new things, making and playing together.

Day 13 – wrap presents – we made and wrapped up presents for hubby’s side of the family.

Day 14 – hot chocolate and fixings, Little t really loves his hot chocolate, it’s become one of his favourite things, what’s not to like!!

20151220_124348.jpgDay 15 – make paper chains, we got ours from poundland and little t loved putting the paper strips through the hoops, but I didn’t much like licking the pre gummed strip, it’s a bit like licking envelopes don’t like that either haha but someone had to. ๐Ÿ™‚ 20151220_200439.jpg

20151220_200845.jpgDay 16 – Polar Express day, it pretty much consisted of watching polar express, eating Christmas snacks and Christmas chocolate, we ordered the book to arrive on this day and little t was very excited to see his favourite Christmas movie in a book.


Day 17 – make a Christmas craft turned into Christmas baking!!  On the 18th nanny, grandad, our oldest and her hubby were all coming over for food and celebrations so we made lasagne, cheesey garlic bread, coleslaw and salad for main and Annette’s chocolate log for dessert, we also made up some chocolate cupcakes for some of our family.

Day 18 – make a Christmas picture with Christmas stickers, they actually made a Christmas card each. Little t loves to stick and guess who’s been copying him!! it was little s who enjoyed it more today, she finished her card, we leave any activities they are not interested in that day for the next day and then they can just go back to it when they feel like it.



29 thoughts on “Christmas on a budget – Advent Activities week 3

  1. You’ve done so many great things! I really need to make the effort to do more crafts and baking with my eldest boy in the run up to Christmas. You’ve inspired me ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I love the idea of making paper chains, I wish I was organised enough to make a start on that! I love chocolate yule log too, it’s definitely our Christmas pudding of choice!

  3. Some of these activities I know my kids would like. We have done the book a day activity here and the elf encouraged some activities it will be nice to add a little more fun this year.

  4. We’ve just pulled the tree out and are about to decorate it. I haven’t used paper for decorations since I was a kid. Looks like fun!

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