Christmas on a Budget – Advent Activities Final Week

This week has been a little crazy, our car broke again, it was drivable but we wasn’t sure for how long so we had to shuffle some things around, both kids came down with a cold right before Christmas and little s has been teething so we have been exhausted!! 
Day 19 – game night with pizza, we usually make our own pizza, little t loves cheese and tomato and sometimes we sneak some vegetables in the sauce 🙂 but for nights like this we get large fresh pizzas from Costco cut them up and freeze them, then it takes no time at all to just pop them in the oven. 
20151220_202745.jpgDay 20 – drive and look at christmas lights, we made peppermint fudge for some of our friends and family and took it round while we looked at some of the lights on the houses in our area, the kids enjoyed it but were tired so it was a short trip. 
20151224_101559.jpgDay 21 – bake christmas cookies- we baked chocolate chip cookies and gingerbread, the kids love using the cutters and little s got to make her first gingerbread man. 
20151226_151354.jpgDay 22 – make a gift, we made the peppermint fudge earlier in the week and we also made some gingerbread cupcakes with cream cheese topping, they were yummy!! 
Day 23 – pj day – we stayed in our pjs all day!! 
Day 24 – christmas eve box, every year one of our traditions is the Christmas Eve box, new pjs for the kids and a small present with some chocolate or cookies 



16 thoughts on “Christmas on a Budget – Advent Activities Final Week

  1. Wow!! it’s almost chrismass again!!!
    Just the other day i made my years resolution and the year has just gone in a flash!!

    i love this family rosta especilly the PJ day..haha..i would love to see that

  2. It sounds like fun. It’s during the holidays I miss living in the city because of all of the lights and activities. In the country, these people don’t put up Christmas lights. It’s so sad. I don’t know why. They miss the fun of the season.

  3. I can’t believe it`s almost Christmass again. I love to see the lights everywhere and the cooking and baking that goes with it.

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