Christmas on a Budget – Food & Presents 

Christmas Food

IMG_0196This year my hubby and I made food our Christmas gift to each other as in the Christmas dinner so instead of buying each other gifts we ordered a small turkey crown from our local farm shop with some stuffing, pigs in blankets and pork pie, we got a tin of biscuits and chocolate when they were on offer and a small selection of cheese, then we baked cookies, cakes and some peppermint fudge. I’m not sure why supermarkets turn crazy at Christmas, each year we have been married we have bought less and less food at Christmas simply because we don’t eat it all and it’s a waste, even this year we found we had too much chocolate stuff and we gave some away. We were given chocolate and cookies as gifts so there was no need for us to buy our own, as we still have some left over and it’s mid January. When little t has chocolate we prefer it to be dark chocolate he loves green and blacks and little s is only just starting to try these things but we prefer to give them homemade desserts/cookies because we know what’s in them so we buy the small selection box of green and blacks for little t when they are on offer and that goes into his stocking, Which brings us too….

Presents for our family 

IMG_0148This year we were lucky we had stashed away some gifts from sales during the year otherwise there would of been less but I don’t think it does them any harm not having a huge pile of gifts on Christmas morning, Christmas for us is a Nov/Dec thing, full of traditions and activities which the children have enjoyed, gifts is just a part of it. On Christmas Eve we have a Christmas Eve box filled with new pjs for the children, a small toy (This year they each had a toot toot bus which they love) and some cookies, popcorn and maybe a Christmas movie (either new or that we already have but not watched, depending on budget) for Christmas Day they each had something they would want, something they need, something for crafts and something to read. They each got to pick out…..with supervision, something for each other, wrap it and give it on Christmas Day. This was more for the benefit of little t who understood a little better that he was picking out a gift and wrapping it to give to his sister. They had a lot of fun opening presents from us and family, and with Christmas money from family were able to get little s first shoes, little t some new shoes and they went to build a bear. I really feel if or when we have a bigger budget that I’d like to do it the same again, there was no stressing about finding places to put all the new toys and it was just enough for them. 

Presents for extended family and friends 

One word homemade! We like to think out our gifts and what we are going to give/make each year, its one of the most exciting parts of Christmas!  We bought books for the children then paired them with some kind of activity to go with the book e.g printed out some masks to make, colouring sheets or some homemade Playdoh with mats. We buy books in packs from Costco (the savings are huge) or Amazon. For the adults some homemade cupcakes or fudge. Grandparents get a photo of the children, as they don’t go to school/nursery I take a Christmas photo every year and either make it into a Christmas card or print, some non alcoholic organic bubbly and we have them over for a meal and make cake!! We got to do this for other families who traveled to visit us this year over the Christmas period, because we weren’t able too travel, we made Annette’s log, mikes famous banoffie pie, gingerbread cupcakes and chocolate chip brownies. All the kids loved it and we all loved spending time with each other and out of everything that was the best gift. 🙂 


32 thoughts on “Christmas on a Budget – Food & Presents 

  1. That’s sweet that you’ve focused on essentials such as food to gift to eachother. My nan keeps saying that Christmas is & becoming an event where companies force you to spend money so that’s a good way to overcome that. I also enjoy buying presents throughout the year as it means much less stress when it comes to present time 🙂

  2. Christmas back home in Zambia is very different to christmas in England. Back home it was all about spending time together and making gifts not buying or spending buckets of money. We loved baking too

  3. You have a great plan and should keep it up. Regardless of your finances in any coming year. Some people work within their means and others do not and then stress themselves about it. Great job.

  4. I think that is a great and creative idea to gift food, it is different, unexpected and the person receiving the gift will appreciate it. I love chocolate chip brownies and wish someone would gift me some.

  5. Great! We are on a strict budget this year. I canned a lot of pickles, jellies and tomato products and will make baskets for Christmas gifts. Gift cards are covering my kids’ presents in full. Have a happy holiday!

  6. Christmas is getting close and the excitement is high with the shopping we have on the cards. These are some wonderful gift ideas that are not going to be too expensive and foods are always going to be appreciated being homemade!

  7. This is such a cute idea and I don’t know why people turn into total idiots when it comes to the Christmas food shop, but grown women fighting over parsnips like they did in my local Asda year was a sight to see!

  8. This is such an amazing idea! I prefer the same! Do it small but do it with immense love! If you do it big just to show off.. the festive spirit dies itself. I love the idea of adding the little activities with children’s gifts!

  9. That’s a really cool gift idea. I’m always looking to be extravagant during the holidays. However, moving into my own space has given me the ability to learn how to be frugal and smart about spending and in turn, give sentimental gifts.

  10. Love your idea of Christmas on a budget. Fab ideas. Especially homemade gifts. I’ve never thought of things like playdoh and just a photo of the grandchildren is actually pretty perfect. x

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