Homemade Pizza 


We all love pizza in our home, dominos is defiantly a favourite but it’s just not affordable and to be honest for the kids I’d rather know what’s in their food. We sometimes freeze Costco pizzas for quick meals but these are defiantly preferred.

When I leave enough time I use the dough setting on my bread maker…..that’s really all I use my bread maker for, and maybe jam once, I’m not a fan of bread maker bread…..other times I’ve started it off in there and just took it out when I needed too  there’s not really any difference, it could easily all be done by hand and just left to rise for about 30 mins. With this recipe we usually make 2 12in pizzas and a garlic bread pizza. We use either organic tomato purée or BBQ sauce for the sauce, shredded chicken/BBQ chicken, onions and peppers to go with the BBQ sauce base and usually just cheese with the tomato base. If we can cheese of choice would be mainly mozzarella, parmesan with a bit of mature cheeder but we just use what we have in. For the garlic bread I’m wanting to try coconut oil but haven’t yet although i think it would be great to use.
For cooking the pizza we use a solid pizza tray that we got as a wedding gift, it’s not one of those flimsy ones that bend all over the place they are no good, what’s better is a pizza stone if you have one. It’s another thing on our list of to get when we can afford it, so instead we pop the tray into a preheated oven and for the first half of cooking have the pizza on some baking paper then when the dough is set and won’t ooze through the holes in the baking tray we just slip it off and let it continue to cook that way the bottom can crisp up a bit.


You will need….

For the dough

1 cup warm water

1TBS raw honey

2 1/4 tsp dry active yeast

2 TBS coconut oil

3 cups organic plain flour

Your choice of toppings


For the garlic bread

2 TBS softened butter/coconut oil

2 garlic cloves pressed/1tsp garlic granules

Mix of cheese (optional)


If you’re using a bread machine it’s pretty simple just add the water and honey then sprinkle the yeast over and leave for 5-10 mins to make sure it’s active and then add the rest of the ingredients and set to dough setting.

If you are doing it by hand, start the same as above and mix in all ingredients, turn out onto a lightly floured surface and knead for about 10 mins then put back in mixing bowl and cover for about 30 mins.

Preheat oven to 220 degrees c and put pizza tray or stone in the oven at the same time to heat up.

Once your dough is ready split it into 3 and roll out to about 12inch circle …. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect circle 🙂

If using baking paper now is the time to transfer it, making sure you have greased it well first, just lightly flour the top of the pizza base and fold so it’s easier to transfer.

Spread your sauce and throw on your toppings then remove stone/tray from the oven and transfer your pizza.

Cook for approx 10 mins, you have to keep an eye on it, none of our pizzas seem to take exactly the same amount of time and we have burnt a few oops!.

If using the baking paper remember to remove it once the pizza base has cooked enough so it won’t run through the holes .. About 4-5 mins.

For the garlic bread, mix softened butter and garlic in a small dish and spread it on a pizza base, you can add cheese if you wish and bake just like the pizza. Enjoy 🙂



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