Valentine’s Crafts 

20160216_143933.jpgThis is a week of crafts for us, my kids like to do a bit here and there so I break it down for them. The first thing we did was print out some hearts on red card, just a template found on google images, we did 2x 4 per page and 1 X 2 per page and I taped one sheet onto little t’s easel so that he could paint them. I cut the inner circle out of a paper plate to use for something else and stuck the remaining on the easel too and little s enjoyed her first painting experience, I then gave little s a sheet of the hearts for her to colour, she likes colouring more than little t. Once the paint was dry and the colouring was done I cut out the hearts and glued them to the rim of the paper plate and cut out a circle from some plain white paper, just a bit bigger than the hole in the plate, and stuck it on the back of the plate. 20160217_003938.jpgWith the inside of the paper plate I cutout a heart shape and cut up some red tissue paper and gave little t a glue stick to stick them onto the heart, this is his favourite craft, he loves gluing and sticking!!! For the 2 larger hearts, we had some glittery heart stickers that I knew they would both love and they decorated the hearts with them. Little t has been learning to point and has picked up some more words that he has started actually using, we use and read a lot of books that have helped him so much with this.  The little red hen is awesome, he loves cats so the first thing he points at and says is cat! The pointing has really helped him focus and pay more attention to books, dear zoo is another favourite but the top spot has to go to the gruffalo!! 😀



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