Weight Loss – The New Challenge 

To view my weight loss history and bring you uptodate please visit the first post here!

For the whole of September 2015 I did a low calorie diet, my foot healed and half way through I was able to start working out, I did tae bo and loved every minute of it! Exercise is a great way to help with anxiety and depression and I managed to loose a stone! However just my luck, I seemed to have hurt my shoulder (not through working out) and everytime I thought it was getting better it flared up again. When I was breastfeeding little s my neck would hurt, then my shoulder and just this month my side, chest, back and stomach stared to hurt. My GP has me on medication at the moment for my shoulder, the others things could be connected, she said that it sounded more like stress and acid reflux but I had to go back and make separate appointments for each condition. Well that’s going to really help my stress and anxiety! I’ve had blood tests and I’m awaiting the results.

Part of living a healthy balanced life, our bodies need to be healthy and I’m not wanting to delay any further so i will be starting my next weight loss challenge in April, I have found something fantastic and I’m really excited about it. I have a treadmill and cross trainer so I can still workout  without using my shoulder to much until I get it sorted. After the really not great tasting low calorie diet we did (it was disgusting!!)  I wanted to find something that had all natural ingredients, that gave me all the nutrients my body needed and gave me energy because if i was to eat the small amount of food it takes for me to loose weight, i just get worn out and my body is just exhausted from the lack of food and nutrients to fuel my workout routine and this is just to loose about 2-3lb a week.

I will be using Complete Balance at the start and as its buy one get one free at the moment its perfect timing, in a few months as with all companies they are always trying to improve their products this will be changed with added benifits but for now I’m taking advantage of the offer. I will be having 2 shakes a day plus a healthy meal at dinner time.


Complete Balance isn’t just used for weight loss, its also for weight gain and weight maintenance. So in the furure its going to be something I can continue to have that gives me all the nutrients of a meal my body needs. It contains 26 essential vitamins and minerals, is dairy free, wheat free, soy free, free from artifical sweetners, preservatives and colours also suitable for vegans, im not vegan but I do like the thought of reducing our intake of meat, dairy etc because I think we have way to much! There is also a whole website full of information, recipes and exercises , also a daily tracker so that you can track what your eating, exercise and your progress. You can view that here.

With the arrival of our fantastic shower I’ve also been learning more about the water we put into our bodies, i figured if we are showering in chlorine free spring like water we should be drinking it too. So I will be making my complete balance shakes using Pi Mag water from our waterfall which will also be arriving in April. This filter not only takes the nasties out but it puts minerals back in and makes the water less acidic and more alkaline. I will be sharing more infomation on that when it arrives, if you would like to see more information in the meantime you can watch a short video on it here.


I am very excited to start this next change in my life and welcome any support along the way. You can follow my progress on Facebook here, please feel free to leave any healthy recipe ideas on the appropriate post.

You can find out more about Complete Balance and the Pimag Waterfall here



26 thoughts on “Weight Loss – The New Challenge 

      1. You can practice time management until you’re blue in the face, fact is days just aren’t long enough!!! Except today, but that’s because I get a shiny new phone delivered tomorrow 🙂

    1. Thank you! I used to love to go to the gym, i love working out it feels great its just the initial motivation thats my problem but hopefully now ive put it out there and have my blog to hold me accountable it will help 🙂

  1. Good luck! It’s definitely better to try and eat well rather than cut down on calories and burn out. I hope it goes well for you.
    Alana x

  2. Complete balance sounds perfect for me if it targets weight gain as well, during my illness I lost 2 stone and am slowly putting it back on but it is a slog for sure. Well done on keeping track.

    1. Its used for that too there is a section on the website that says. ……. Gaining weight if you’ve suffered ill health: Eat a balanced diet of healthy meals (see some recipe recommendations) and supplement this with one or two Complete Balance Shakes as a dessert or a snack. Definatly I don’t think people realise that sometimes its difficult for people to put on weight too, it can be just as much of a task as loosing it!

  3. Sorry about your shoulder and other pains. I am trying out a new diet having 2 shakes a day and 1 healthy meal but I am also like you having small meals and having too much restrictions only leaves me more hungry

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