Weight Loss Challenge Week 1

Week one Complete!! They always say the beginning is the hardest because it can only get easier from then on, and its most certainly true for me. I started taking supplements and the shakes a week ago, which was a Friday, i gave myself a few days to let the supplements work because I’d had blood tests resently which showed low Vitamin D and High Cholesterol. I had zero energy and was wanting to fall asleep around dinner time, my body ached all over, anxiety was high plus I’ve had a bad shoulder for moths that I’ve been told will take a while to heal, there was no way i could face a workout.

On Monday i weighed myself and continued with 1 shake for breakfast, then 1 for lunch, 1 serving of GreenZymes and 30mls Ciagav with a healthy meal for dinner plus homemade flapjacks with some added walnuts as a snack. I’ve been drinking over 2 litres of water a day but not just any water, we have a PiMag Waterfall water filter, in brief it reduces the nasty chemicals, heavy metals and contaminants in the water and what comes out is mineral added Alkaline water with a pH balance of 8.5-9.5, full review coming soon. I have also been wearing a magnetic bracelet and necklace which is also one for another post.


The Complete balance is full of everything i need out of a meal, all the vitamins, including Vitamin D, i mixed it with half PiMag Water and half coconut and Almond milk, defiantly tastes so much better than any other protein shake I’ve tasted. There is 30 sachets in a pack  and they are buy one get one free, so i got  great deal too.

The Greenzymes are 100% organic containing 95% organic young barley grass, which contains health-enhancing properties: Antioxidants, Minerals, Vitamins, Amnio acids, Enzymes & Chlorophyll. When cultivated as early as 7000BC, Roman Gladiators ate barley grass for strength and stamina, which is defiantly something I’m in need of. I only need 1 tsp of this in appox 100-150ml of Pimag Water and i take this daily in the morning to boost my energy, we get it on months subscription which works out cheaper for us.

The only regular drink our kids have had is water or smoothie, until we got Ciagav and little s loves it, she will drink it on its own, water can be added but you only need 30ml of it a day. Little t will have it in his smoothie along with the greenzymes. Its a 100%‪‎ Organic‬ juice drink high in Vitamin C based on purple berries,  with no added sugar, preservatives, artificial flavours, or colours. It stands for..

C – Cardiovascular

I – Immune

A – Antioxidant

G – Gastrointestinal

A – Anti-aging

V- Vitality.

By Wednesday i felt i had enough energy to start my workout, so i chose a short running program that starts at 16 minutes and builds up, i will start with the 3 minute walk then light jog for 1 minute while I’m building it up then i will change it to a 5 minute warm up, followed with whatever stage I’m at that week. My legs were screaming at me as i tried to wake them up on my first go, but once they were awake it was much better. I was well and truly worked out after 16 minutes, but the next day was a little easier even though i still haven’t jogged for the full minute without stopping for a drink, luckily the time on my treadmill also stops, so i can pick up where i left off.

Today Friday i weighed myself, we had a weigh in on a group i am part of so i thought it would be good to see how i was doing, i weigh myself on the Wii Fit because its more accurate than scales, at the same time and in the same clothes. I’m yet to decide whether the Mii figure is off-putting as its short and tubby or its just another incentive to get it to slim down 🙂 Since monday I have lost 4lbs, i was so excited, the work paid off and I’m happy with that even though i wasn’t able to workout at the beginning I’ve still had a great result. I will usually loose more at the beginning and average out to lossing 3lb a week, so when Monday comes i will weigh in again, to check the full weeks loss but then start taking it from Friday inline with my group. Having people who support me in this is just as important as every other aspect of it, especially when some are going though the same thing.

Some of my healthy meals included, breaded cod with salad, quinoa with vegtables, fajita mix with salad, lentil & vegtable pie with stir fry.

I haven’t really suffered with any cravings or hunger pains, and unlike some diets I’ve done everything tastes good. What i love the most about all the things we are changing and using is it’s helping our family eat better and live better. It’s not just a fad diet. its amazing how it affects other accepts of your life too. Once I’m at my ideal weight i will continue with 1 shake a day to help maintain it as well as the greenzymes and ciagav. I feel i have more energy and less aches and pains and because my body is getting everything that it needs i wont be burnt out in a few months, which has happened to often in the past.

My goals for the next week is to loose 3lb, continue with my treadmill workout and add in some weights and stomach exercises.

For more information on any of the products I’m using you can go to the website here. Full reviews on each coming soon, or feel free to contact me if you need any help, advice or just a bit of support. mikemariebarber@outlook.com


17 thoughts on “Weight Loss Challenge Week 1

    1. Haha Well there is alot of herbs too and the layer is really thin, so not to bad 😉 its one of the bird eye ones my hubby threw out the box and i wanted to see what was in it so i could make my own. I just throw in some veg and smoked paprika and cayenne pepper tastes amazing but i do live quinoa though 🙂 x

    1. Its taken me a few years and pregnancies to get this.motivation back the last time i lost alot of weight was back in 2006, i just kept thinking i could be at my goal.now if id started soon and realised i just needed to do it.:) xx

  1. Good luck on the weight loss. I’m on a diet too with shakes and other meals, and it’s going well. I think once you’re in the zone it’s good – but it really does help having online groups to share learnings and motivation with

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