Weight Loss Challenge Week 2 – A Tough Week

This week has been tough, along with the one week in every month women dread for me comes with a bought of self doubt, hightend anxiety and depression, aswell as the usual crippeling stomach pains. My hormones are definalty not in balance. You can read about Anxiety and Me here

Monday came and i weighed in at putting on 2lb since Friday! I knew striaght away what it was, i hadn’t drank enough water!  So i spent Monday drinking the right amount of water which for me is 3 litres a day, i also spent the morning running to the bathroom, thats ok though as its upstairs its just an extra workout 🙂 it usually takes my body days to get used to drinking that amount, so I can be up and down the stairs for days, so i was suprised when it was just the morning.  On Tuesday id lost the 2lb and was back on track.

Everyday was an uphill struggle and i felt like i was fighting with myself, the yo yo of emotions is tiring but i kept at it, my workouts seemed an extra stuggle but i pushed through, i was hungrier than usual but i didn’t give in, i kept fighting back and i made it out the other side…. this month. 


The positive side is when its all done i feel more energized, like im ready to take on the world, if i hadn’t pushed myself through i would still be feeling down and like I couldn’t do it, but I can. I know anything is possible if we just keep going. 
I worked out everyday but Wednesday, thats rest day. My running schedule went to walking 2 minutes and running 1 minute repeaded till i reached 18 minutes then a cool down. My lovely hubby cleared out the garage for me, it was full of spider webs (eww) and dust so we had a clear out, i love clear outs it make me feel refreashed, i hate clutter yet i always feel like we have so much stuff but im forever throwing things out! With it all clear and clean it was a much better place to work out. Ive borrowed a electric treadmill, the manual one was good enough but the electric is so much better. And i finally went through the whole 18 minutes with no stops, not that theres much of a choise on an electric treadmill. Its much easier to stay balanced and concentrate on the workout rather than the turning of the belt and I can carrying on walking while I have a drink too. 


After my workouts my upperbody especially my bad shoulder has felt all stiff and sore. So ive been using this awesome little device, the mag duo, ive only rolled it over my shoulder, upper arm and neck for a few minutes and the pain had eased and my shoulder relaxed.

imageThe The Mag Duo features dynamic nodules and Dynaflux Magnetic Technology, far-infrared or long wavelength heat which is a natural and benificial part of the suns spectrum that absorbs energy from the body and environment then reflects it back as comforting warmth, and negative-ion technology that produces the same ions present in invigorating forest air, by waterfalls and beaches. All together they help improve the natural energies surrounding our body. Its difficult to explain as this is something you have to experience yourself but it’s like I can feel the coolness and the warm both at the same time, and it’s so relaxing.  It’s also known to help with stress and I’ve been told by a massage therapist that my stress lives in my shoulders, so it makes sence that this week I’ve been in more pain but instead of reaching for the tablets I can reach for this, it’s faster acting and so much better for my body. 

My healthy meals this week have included quinoa stuffed butternut squash (this tasted amazing!) Lemon chicken with quinoa and chia seed bread with advacodo, sundried tomato Pollock with vegtables. I’ve had them all twice then one night a week we have treat night, we are so busy through the week and it’s just nice for one night not to have to cook, so when budget allows we will have a take out and last week I had chicken shaslik with mushroom rice form our local Indian, I managed maybe half of it, but it was good, it also give me something to look forward to during the week, we combine it with either a date night or a family movie night. 




I weighed myself on Friday again and im 2lb down, which for this week is fantastic. Next week i start on the cross trainer and situps as i couldn’t do them last week. My goals are to loose 3lb, up the walk/jog workout to 21 minutes and have a better week!


For more information on all the natural products I’m using you can visit the site here 


17 thoughts on “Weight Loss Challenge Week 2 – A Tough Week

  1. I am a Wii fan as well! It helped me loads once before, and I am hoping it will once more. Good luck with your weightloss journey x

  2. Well done you for sticking with it, that food all looks amazing, it’s great that you are eating well and exercising. I wish you all the luck with your weight loss journey!

  3. Very dedicated and doing great well done! I didn’t realise water could make such a difference. You’re doing loads and it’s tough – especially as lack of food makes us feel angry and unhappy to say the least. Keep at it and it’ll get easier, I promise.

    Alina | interiors home blogger UK

  4. Good luck on your weight loss journey and keep up the positive vibe as being negative doesn’t do us much good. The food looks delicious too

  5. I feel your pain at the moment and I hate this time of the month as I always bloat up and just feel awful. Well done on the weight loss

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