Turning Four

I can’t believe little t is now 4! Every year older is another year closer to them being grown up, and I want them to stay little forever! I love the way they smile and laugh, the way they eat and play, the way they are with each other, and how they love cuddles in the morning and throughout the day. I know these times go way to quick and before you know it they are all grown up, so we intend to savour and enjoy every moment with our two little ones. 

The weather outside was much like the day we brought him home, wet and gloomy. It had even been snowing in some parts of the north west which is crazy, considering it’s the end of April. We usually have a day out at he zoo or some thing for birthdays but with the weather and budget being tight we will wait until the weather is a bit drier. Little t got up late and so had breakfast inbetween opening presents. We stick to one main present and a few small presents, which we think is appreciated more and also means we don’t have to keep going through his toys and throwing good ones out just to make room for new ones because our kids still play with most of their toys and we don’t see the point in getting piles of new ones when the ones they have are perfectly fine. Little t loves the vtech toot toot collection and has had them for birthday and Christmas for the past few years. This birthday he got the parking tower and loves pushing the cars down the ramp and off the slide. Little t loves Cowboys, Sheriff Callie is one of his favourite, he also loves country music, but there is a episode of sheriff Callie called horseshoe peck and they play the game horseshoes, a quick look on Amazon and we found a wooden horseshoe game! He loved them both but I think his favourite gift was the small gruffalo, mouse and cat teddy he got, we read the gruffalo and the gruffalo’s child every night before bed and sometimes room on the broom too, he knows them word for word and so do we! 

We don’t really plan on doing birthday party’s for our little ones every year, things may change but for now we plan on 1 year, 8, 13, 16 and 18. We always get to choose our favourite meals on our birthday so little t had pancakes for breakfast made with coconut flour, we haven’t perfected them yet but he loved them just the same. Nannie and Grandad B came for lunch along with little t’s big sister and her husband and she made him a gruffalo cake, which he loved. We had printed out some of the gruffalo characters and stuck them around the dining room, as he is learning to say their names, these will come in handy afterwards too. Then for his birthday dinner he was treated to dominos which he thought was amazing been as its a rare thing in our home, so he ate his pizza watching Toy Story and happily went to bed, probably dreaming of pizza and the gruffalo. 


20 thoughts on “Turning Four

  1. Ahh Happy Birthday little t! Sounds like he had a wonderful day, and the cake looks amazing. Love the Gruffalo characters on the wall – definitely will be nice to have around the house for after birthday too. We’re currently awaiting Pickle’s ACTUAL birth day so I can’t even get my head around planning future birthday celebrations. I think I’ll be an emotional wreck every birthday!

    1. Thank you! Time just goes way to quick, im sure it went slower when i was younger! I remember being pregnant with little s and shes now 18 months old.. i miss my little baby! Shes so grown up aleady :).

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