One Third Stories – Learning a Second Language

As we are home educating both our little ones teaching them a second language falls on us,  we love Spanish its such a beautiful language and as neither of us are fluent in any language we have to rely on other resources for us and for the children. We watch disney movies in Spanish and there are a couple of children programs too, to get us all familiar with the language, especially the children. We did a bit of research when little t was a baby and found that its important for children to become familiar with another language at an earlier age as its a lot easier for them to learn and should consequently reach higher levels of final proficiency in the second language, you can read more about that here and here  but with him having delayed speech we thought it wouldn’t be possible.

Little t is now 4 and his speech is coming on really well, he is learning new words all the time and developing the ones he already knows, he learns a lot from his favourite children programs and books and can now identify the characters and say a lot of the key words in the Gruffallo and the Gruffallos Child. We believe that books are a number one priority when it comes to learning and that goes for a second language too.


We came across One Third Stories by reading a review on another blog, they immediately sparked our interest with the fact that they wanted to help children learn a second language through their stories, so we downloaded the free audio book, you can find that here its an all time favourite the three little pigs, it starts in english then gradually adds Spanish words. we love it! We were contacted by Alex over on twitter and he asked if we would like a copy of one of their stories in print, The Little Girl who Lost Her Voice of course we said yes!!.


The story is about a girl who looses her words,  along with her cat they travel to find them, this book is about her finding her first word, it starts in english then introduces Spanish words along the way, this is perfect for any child but for us its also perfect for someone like little t who has his own unique ways of learning with his delayed speech, it means we don’t have to put off helping him learn another language, and he loves cats! every animal is cat at the moment! unless its from the Gruffallo, so this little book is all he needs and is much more simple for him than anything else we have researched and tried. At the end there is then an opportunity for your child to come up with ideas for the girl and her cats further adventures, our little ones are too young for this at the moment but such a great idea for older ones, plus there is a competition with great prizes including Amazon Fire Tablets.

Our 1 year old little s also loves books and is intrigued by the lovely pictures  but what she also loves is their youtube channel you can find that here the 3 little pigs puppet show part 1 you can view below, but take a look at their channel for part 2 and 3.

We have a few Spanish friends that we have mentioned this learning concept too and they also think that its a fabulous idea. As we are home educating we would love to travel with our little ones when they are a bit older and of course the first place we would like to go is Spain and how much more enjoyable for them if they are familiar with the language. We are all very much looking forward to learning and reading together, we think these books will be a great resource not only for learning to speak another language but when our little ones come to learn to read also. We cant wait to read more stories and learn more Spanish words!! Thank you One Third Stories.


27 thoughts on “One Third Stories – Learning a Second Language

  1. What a fantastic way of learning a different language!
    Me and my husband are planning on home schooling our little girl who’s due in July, and we’ve already been looking at different teaching methods – teaching a language was actually one we were stuck on! So I’ll definitely be looking this up when she gets old enough.
    Keep us updated on how your little ones get on with learning Spanish!
    Thank-you for sharing! 🙂

  2. What a great way to learn, I think it is important to learn a second language and Spanish seems the most popular one these days. I also agree that the earlier they start the easier it will be x

  3. This sounds amazing! I’m going to have to look into this for my little girl too. As I have a french surname everyone seems to think I’m french or born fluent. Would love to learn Spain or Italian with her.

  4. That is a really clever way to learn another language. Love the idea as it makes learning fun, not a chore.

    1. Yes definalty! I wish i was offered something like this when i was younger, my hubby and i are trying to learn Spanish along with the kids and hope to introduce them to other languages too, as well as travel. We love learning about other cultures.

  5. I love this idea and wish I could speak more than English. I know a few words in French, Greek and Spanish but not enough to be fluent or hold a conversation x

  6. Actually I never been a big fun of languages, but since I started to travel I learned how important and beautiful is to know more languages.
    Sure when I will have a kid I will introduce him other languages beside italian 🙂
    So good post !!!

  7. I’ll have to check this series out! This sounds like such a great way to teach and enforce a new language. My boys are learning Spanish now, too.

  8. When my siblings and I were kids my parents started teaching us English (plus 7 other languages which never stuck lol) and by first grade we were proficient in our speaking and writing of the English language so I too agree it’s better to start youngest they are young

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