Weight loss challenge week 3 & 4

After a tough week 2 i was ready to up my game and go for it, i jogged faster and longer on the treadmill and killed it, it felt great! I realised that if it hadn’t been for last weeks tough time, I wouldn’t of come back stronger, more determined and wanting to fight harder for what I wanted and need. In addition I did a few weight exercises to help my shoulder and started with 10 minutes on the Cross trainer. So you can imagine my suprise when i stepped on my wii and it said +1lb WHAT!!! Then proceeded to tell me if i carry on like this i wont hit my goal and i need to eat less. I dont know who programs these games but they sure as heck dont know what i ate last week. I was devastated!!.

I went over and over everything i did, my workouts, what i ate and there wasn’t much difference from the previous weeks. I had changed my snacks to nuts and upped my workout, i hadn’t had alot of sleep, which i know is also important when trying to loose weight but it was little ts birthday so i didn’t want to dwell on it too much, i put it down to either the nuts or muscle gain, which meant I would need to do more cardio.


So what did i do? I enjoyed little ts birthday as well as his birthday meal which was dominos pizza, his favorite, as its something we have on rare occasions i didn’t want to let my little set back spoil it. And the next day started with 30 mins Tae Bo bootcamp cardio, which can be found on youtube. I think its important to change up workouts to keep me from getting bored and wake up other muscles in my body, I didn’t think I’d have to do it so soon but if something isn’t working then changes need to be made. The workouts i did this week are below, in the first i used 1kg weights instead of the bands and the second i only started yesterday, i used my weights through most of the workout but put them down at some points so that my shoulder could have a rest, but that burned and i can still feel it. I had 2 epsom salt baths and made sure i drank enough water daily!

Today is weigh in day and i was nervous, but i went ahead and was suprised again but this time it was a good suprise, my goal is to loose 2-3lb a week and this week i lost 5lb!!! Which makes up for last weeks 1lb gain.

Next week i will have been doing my weight loss challenge for a little over a month so i will be able to work out what ive lost over the month. My meals stayed similar to the previous weeks except I had homemade chicken nuggets with salad and hot and spicy quinoa with veg and roasted butternut squash. I need more healthy recipes!

My goals for the week are to loose 2-3lb, carry on with the tae bo workouts and do a couple of days running, I have 2 rest days, usually a Wednesday and a Sunday but lately it’s been a Friday and Sunday because of birthdays, it hasn’t made a difference to which days, I just like to spread it out even.

If you have any healthy meal ideas please do share!


14 thoughts on “Weight loss challenge week 3 & 4

  1. Well done on the 5lb weight loss this week, that’s incredible. Keep it up, you’re doing so well!

  2. 5LB is amazing in a week, I have lost half a stone but stalled this week – its exercise I am struggling with as I always have a toddler in tow and try as I might to walk faster, he dawdles behind LOL

    1. Exercise is something i struggled with finding the time for having 2 little ones but we have just had to work it in whenever my hubby is home. Sometimes first thing in the morning or he will feed the kids, 30 mins a day is alot when you have little ones, i did try a few times to do it with the kids…. that was hilarious haha ๐Ÿ™‚

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