Hot & Spicy Quinoa with Vegtables & Roasted Butternut Squash

During my weight loss challenge I’ve been eating a few meals a bit different too the rest of the family especially when they have pasta but being on a tight budget we have to also make use of the thing we have in. We also try to have less meat meals so I’m on the look out for some good non meat meals other than pasta and baked potato.

This month is particularly tight in the budget department but its been worse and we know how to make our food stretch so we took stock of all we had in and made a meal plan so that our meals work together and we only have to buy a few fresh items from the store.

We had a huge butternut squash left from previous weeks shopping, i roasted it in the oven and got 3 meals out of it for myself using this recipe and the kids 2 and there is still some left over, which ive put in the freezer because ill get sick of it if i eat anymore this week! We also have a big bag of organic quinoa that we got from costco, i much prefer it to rice as its not heavy and i dont feel bloaty after eating it, but it is very filling. Id previously had a roasted butternut sqaush stuffed with quinoa and veg so i knew it worked well together. All i needed was vegtables and seasoning.

You can pretty much throw in whatever Vegetables you want to, we had some left over snap peas so i put some coconut oil in our frying pan, threw in the peas, some red onions, mushrooms, peppers, and a few cashew nuts cooked about 1/8 cup or just over of quinoa threw it in the pan along with juice of a small lemon a sprinkle of smoked paprika and cayenne pepper… i love spicy food, hubby does not, so i take advantage as he wont be eating this 🙂 ..mix it all up and throw in a handful of grated cheese. I use a side plate to eat most meals the big ones we have are just too big! The quinoa mix goes on first and then i cut soem chunks of the butternut squash and place them on top, and thats that.

So here is the ingredients and directions ao you can give it a go yourself.


1 butternut squash (any size will work)
Pink himalayan salt
Black pepper
Dried Oregano
Oil (i use Advacodo or Coconut)
Your choice of vegtables, I’ve used snap peas, mushrooms, red onions, salad onions (uncooked) baby corn, peppers
Cashew nuts just a small handful
Juice of a small lemon
Smoked paprika
Cayenne pepper
Cheese (optional)

Preheat oven to 180 degrees c

Cut butternut squash in half and remove the seeds, place to on a baking tray, drizzle oil over and season with the salt, black pepper and oregano.

Bake until the butternut squash is soft. 

Cook quinoa 

Fry vegetables in coconut oil then add cooked quinoa, lemon juice and spices to taste.

add in a handful of cheese, mix well till melted and serve with chunks of butternut squash. 



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