Weight Loss Challenge – Month Review

The Past Two Weeks

The last week of the month turned into the dreaded week we women never look forward too, and as this is the second time it had happened I decided to try something different, I didn’t worry about it, I was prepared not to lose much in this week and luckily the worst was over the weekend so I took a rest from the workouts, continued with my nutrition and ate our normal healthy meals, I lost a 1lb in that week, and I’m ok with that, this week I’ve lost 2lb which brings me to my first stone lost since I started on April 11th, that’s a stone lighter than I was at the beginning of April and all in just over a month. I’m not going to lie it’s been difficult and I fully expect the next how ever many months it takes me to loose the rest to have difficult moments too but there is no denying that it’s totally worth it, I have 6 more stone to go to get down to my ideal weight according to the wii which means 6 more months or so, as long as I keep loosing and keep going, I will no doubt be far lighter this time next year.

Working  Out

This month I’ve started on building up my running, tried a few Tae Bo workouts all ranging from 30-45 minute workout, five times a week, some days it’s difficult especially when the little ones have been up in the night which is rare but takes a few days to catch up on, I remember from my previous weight loss how great working out can feel, and the feeling of stepping on the scales and watching the numbers go down, that keeps me going, once the beginning stage is over and I’m able to push myself, it gets easier, it’s like riding up a steep hill on a bike, as I progress and do more the hill gets bigger but once at the top it’s like a downhill ride and feels fantastic, I learn to handle the burn because my body is stronger and once i hit the peak i feel like i have energy to exercise forever!


I’ve been having 2 servings of complete balance shakes per day, along with jade greenzymes and ciagav, soon it will be time to say goodbye to complete balance it has served me well but there is a better upgraded version on the way which I’m super excited about and will be sharing all about it as soon as it arrives!  my whole family takes these daily, little s absolutely loves ciagav, she has the jade greenzymes in a smoothie as does little t. These are all organic and help boost our immune system, arr high in vitamin c which helps contribute to normal collagen formation, energy-yeilding metabolism (important for me as mine is low), and increases iron absorbtion and of course there is no preservatives or artificial sweetners in any of them.

Healthy Meals 

I’ve been able to incorporate a lot of our family meals into my diet, putting salad or vegetables with chicken or fish and having quinoa instead of pasta, pasta is really heavy on my stomach so I don’t tend to have it often but the kids love it and little t has started to eat salad another bonus! 


The Next Months Plan 

My goals for next month are to increase my workout to include sit ups and squats keeping up with high energy cardio, i hope to loose close to a stone again and hopefully discover some more healthy meals!


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