Counting to 10

We have been working on some puzzles and matching games, especially with the numbers and little t can now count to 10!! Its a big thing for him with him having a speech delay, the numbers aren’t perfectly clear but they are good enough for us to understand which he is saying and he is just working on perfecting them, he learns best through play at the moment and from learning songs on YouTube, so that’s how we teach him. We didn’t rush him or expect him to be able to count to 10 so soon, he just learnt through song and play. He loves to match the animals with the flash cards which can hold his attention for 1 go through them all, we made this game up together and at one time he would want to play it at least once a day.


Since he enjoyed this one so much we decided to try it with the numbers to help him get familiar with what they look like, he sees them on the TV but it’s better for him to be able to touch and hold them. It’s taking a while for him to be interested in going all the way through them he is easily distracted but he’s getting there, we will keep offering him to sit with us and play or just leave it out and he can then decide when he wants to play it and then we can go and help him.



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