Autism and Magnetic Therapy 

Here is an introduction to us, our first video and to little t, he decided he would like to also make an appearance in this video as we were talking about him.  It wasn’t easy to do, not just the fact that we were sat in front of a camera but because of the subject, our boy is a happy boy, he loves everyone so easily and is a joy to be around even with so much energy, little s wakes up and is so excited to see him every morning when he comes in the room, he brightens up all our lives with his smile and cheeky ways but not having a lot of support, being stared at, laughed at and judged is difficult even when you know it comes with it and a lot of other parents go through the same but we wanted to sit and talk about what we discovered that helped him so that hopefully it would reach other people and help them too, whether it be autism, adhd, a chronic disease like little s or other illnesses.

An update since this was made we are now leaning more towards ADHD after doing some more research and looking at his assessments.  We also went to the farm the other day,  we have been a few times before but this time we were suprised that little t actually interacted with the animals and took interest in them,  we also noticed on the way there when I pointed out a windmill he looked and was interested the same when I pointed out a horse we passed too.  He even made a new friend,  the little red hen,  from one of his favorite books.


UPDATE. since this post was published little t has been saying new words and putting them together too,  he also is now wearing his powerband,  finally! Which means he now has coverage during the day. 🙂

Here is a little look into what his bedding looks like 🙂 

You can find more information on products discussed for UK here and for USA/Canada here

**UPDATE take a look at how he went on with the powerband,  he has now seen a community paediatrician who says a diagnosis for Autism/Adhd will be given,  he just has to see the speech and communication therapist and has been referred to autism pathway, even though we knew this its still been difficult and even with all the natural ways we help him its still been a very emotional time and i wasn’t expecting that, i thought i was prepared..  i wasn’t but that will be for another post when I’m ready to share 🙂 

Spectrum Sunday


12 thoughts on “Autism and Magnetic Therapy 

    1. Yes there are so many benifits, especially for people with chronic pain its a life changer but i had no idea! My necklace and bracelet stopped my travel sickness, i only realised when i took them off for my son, i was using it for my shoulder pain! 🙂

  1. I think it’s great that you are sharing your personal experience and how magnetic technology is making a difference. There are so many families looking for autism resources.

  2. What a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing your experience with magnetic technology and how it has made a difference.

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