Weight loss journey month 4

It been a long month with my hubby starting his new job and having to get used to the long days myself but also little t didn’t welcome the change but now he is slowly getting used to it and in a new routine.

My scales didn’t work out they would tell me something different depending on where i put them and it was 3-4lb difference so back to the wii it is,  which has messed up the first half of the month however i have my weight loss over five weeks which was 7lb so im just going to divide it by five and be happy with that.


I came across one of these fad diets,  3 day meal plan with up to 10lb loss and you get to eat ice cream! The food requirements didn’t look to bad so i thought id give it a try,  i lost 2lb and i worked out everyday too,  that was in the whole week not just the 3 days the only thing i didn’t have was the tea and coffee and the cottage cheese was way to much so i actually ate less than it said,  no harm done though i lost the 2lb and i said goodbye to a stone mark,  its always great when the first numbers on the scales go down as well as the latter numbers,  i always get stuck around the stone marks so its a big celebration putting that behind me and now im working my way to the next one!

Total weight loss this month is 6lb i had put on a pound in the last week my weigh in was the start of my period so im not going to stress to much about it.

People are now starting to notice im loosing weight which is great and another motivation to keep going and my clothes dont fit anymore! Ive pretty much stayed to leggings and tops but needed a dress the other day for our granddaughters blessing and luckily i found one that fit! Even though it was to long and i had to wear leggings underneath as it was a bit see through in the right light, it worked! As there is no point buying a whole new wardrobe at this point i think its time i get down a few clothes from the attic i was keeping hold of 🙂
My goals for this month are loose something each week even if its just 1lb,  im still working on my time management,  i need to fit everything in and be able to wake up the next day not exhausted,  going to bed exhausted is fine but the problem is i have to keep changing up my routine, what once worked suddenly stops and i don’t loose weight so for this month my workout goal is to find something different,  not time consuming and that works,  so watch this space.

Apart from eating as healthy as i can,  i dont have any specific eating plans for this month, but heres a few meals from last month.


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