Meet the Wizard – Wired Wizard Web Review 

Being a former art school student and Professional Photographer i just love art,  and aswell as viewing their masterpieces i love finding out about their story. I love finding great artists and designers because i know how much heart and soul is put into it, its a very personal job as its a part of you your selling. I found the creative business to be difficult for me,  having  two young children and home educating i prefer to now keep it as a hobby and share with my nearest and dearest but this type of talent should be shared so that everyone can enjoy it,  its raw and real talent so lets take a look as i introduce you to the story of Mr Paul Spencer The Wizard!

I served an apprenticeship in print, starting in the early 1980s, and loved to see the adverts I had worked on in the newspapers. I got a great feeling of achievement during this time, of having created something and to be able to say I did that.

After the print trade collapsed with the advent of the Apple Mac in the late 1980s, I did a few different jobs before getting into computers and back into the print trade (now electronic) via Trader Media Publishing, working on publications such as the ‘Thames Valley Autotrader’ and ‘Top Marques’ magazine.

In 2002 I relocated and started work for a large corporate American Online Service Provider, whose name should be apparent by the description, and worked in Tech Support for a year before moving into monitoring their Telecommunication Networks during the advent of Broadband. I then moved into software and looked after the software for 15,000 agents on three continents. During this time the company changed hands and then amalgamated leaving myself and some 1,000 or so employees redundant.

So, in September 2011, I went back to college and took a degree in Multimedia Application Development. At the end of my time at college, all fired up with my new experience and credentials but unable to find employment, other that back in a call-centre, I made the decision to start up my own company in web and graphic design. This has transmogrified and manifested into an online portrait and poster shop on Etsy and creating clothing and product designs on Zazzle. There will be more online outlets to follow and maybe even the odd market.

I never had gainful employment, after the early days of print, where I felt any real satisfaction or feeling or having created something. I never had anything to show for the time I spent at work, that sense of achievement had been lost. Sure, I assisted people in getting connected to the internet or resolved an issue for 500 agents in a call-centre in Mumbai, but my sense of achievement had been lost and I didn’t have anything palpable to show for my time at the end of the week. Not everything is just about money.

Now, I have that feeling of achievement again and products to show for my time, and I really love my work. I hope you love my work as much as I love creating it!


Thank you to Paul for sharing his story, i love it when people love what they do, whatever job that may be when you find something you love and share it with others its most rewarding, it almost doesnt feel like work most of the time. I certainly love all the items from Wired Wizard Web and have quite a few favorites but im just going to share some here, i can’t wait to get the kids some for their room,  little s loves fairys and unicorns and they are just beautiful,  hubby is a star wars fan and i just love the blue lady with the flowers and butterfly its just beautiful.

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The prints on t-shirts, shoes, ipads, phones, throws, mugs, hats,  magnets are also fantastic, and perfect gifts for family this Christmas, there are over 400 items in the shop and there is something for everyone. This year we decided that we would buy our Christmas presents from small businesses,  there are some fantastic ideas we have discovered, and some great quality products, its great knowing you are helping a small business grow and helping someone make a better life for themselves and their families! Please pop along to the online shop and let us know your favourites and connect with the Wizard below.

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22 thoughts on “Meet the Wizard – Wired Wizard Web Review 

  1. Love reading this. So pleased to you made the decision to start your own business, Paul, I appreciate it could not have been an easy decision to make.
    Love the print designs and look forward to seeing all the other products you sell in your etsy site.

  2. It’s so important to support small businesses, I try to buy from our local businesses where possible. These prints are amazing, my eldest would love that motorbike one!

  3. Fantastic job creating and paving your own way throughout a series of changes. Those who are most successful do not see change as a failure, but a door opened in a different direction. Congratulations!

  4. You are doing amazingly well, it’s a great sense of satisfaction, I love doing something that I love for a living.

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