Little Ts Chocolate Oatmeal

Both our little ones love oatmeal, they eat it more times a week than anything else, our version is dairy and gluten free so we use oat milk but any milk is fine to use you can even use water! Little t loves cooking he is getting really good at helping making brownies and bread, one morning he decided he would like a change to his oatmeal and came up with this! 

You will need

Organic oats

Gluten free organic oatmilk 

Organic Cacao powder 

Maple syrup (the real stuff) 

We use 1/3 cup oats for the kids and 1 cup for adults then start with double the amount of liquid adding extra as cooking for desired consistency. 

Once cooked and in the bowl little t likes to add one heaped teaspoon of cacao powder for him and little s and just a small swirl of maple syrup, im sure he would use more if i let him but we like to keep the sugar content low. 

And thats it so easy and so much better than cereal bought at the supermarket! 


30 thoughts on “Little Ts Chocolate Oatmeal

  1. Mmmmm. We eat a TON of oatmeal around our house. I usually load it up with maple syrup, pecans, and berries…but this sounds like a refreshing new way to enjoy my oats. Definitely giving this a whirl!

  2. I make double batch of steel cut oats every weekend with maple syrup and brown sugar that I add in last 5 mins. now an idea to add brown sugar and cacoa. thank you for new idea.
    ps after cooking and refrigeration you can take a wedge every day and microwave for 1- 1.5 mins and it’s fab. cook once ,eat all week.

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