Turning 2

I cant believe little s is now 2! It goes way to quick. We decided on just a small get together for her party this year, and her auntie, uncle and cousins were coming to visit along with her big sister, brother in law and niece so it was perfect!

We decided on a fairy princess theme as she loves pink, glitter, princesses, horses and all things like that, her cake was made by her sister  The Lazy Baker you can view her site here. The top layer was gluten free for little s and little t and they gave it their seal of apporval. She got a pretty dress from Costco,  the glitter went everywhere but she loved it! She had pink glittery unicorn nail wraps from Jamberry of course she loved them too!

The gingerbread was also gluten free, and no one could tell the difference in fact it made them better! (recipe coming soon) little s loves mash potatoes and beef mince so we made cottage pie its really simple to make so that’s what we chose to serve,  along with some pizza and garlic bread for the other kids. We made a gluten free cheese garlic  bread pizza for little s and little t, we got a premade base at last minute, i think they prefer home made so will have to get practicing a gluten free pizza base for next time.

For our activity we carved pumpkins! The adults did the hard work and the kids helped 🙂

For her birthday outing we went to the sea life center, both our little ones loved it there, it was a weekday so not busy which is perfect for little t.

On her actual birthday my hubby had to go to a revision class so we stayed home played, went in the yard where she did her favorite things get wet, muddy and crunch leaves 🙂 when he got back we made another of her favorite meals just a bit different this time but she loved it, we all did! recipe coming soon it tasted so good. (find it here) Then she opened or we opened the presents she wasnt interested until they were out of the box. She got a big princess castle that both sets of grandparents put money towards and some happyland things they are just big enough for her to hold in her hand and play with. We got her beautiful cards from Pauls Card Shop look it up on Facebook they are gorgeous and such great quality, you would probably pay around the £3 mark in the shops ours were £1.40 the ballerina is glittery! And the fairy and mushroom pop out from the back. Of course she ate more cake 🙂 So altogether she had the best time with the things and the people she loves 🙂

Thank you nannie, grandad, grandma and grandpa Stanley for the beautiful castle and to everyone else who made her birthday special ❤️ xx


42 thoughts on “Turning 2

  1. That princess cake was so adorable. Gotta love turning 2 he he. I remember my sons second birthday it was cute. Had a little party at the apartment at the time, and my aunt made him a truck cake with filled skittles and m&ms in the back of the truck.

  2. That cake looks SO amazing! I love it.

    We did the pumpkin carving thing too. And my daughter used to play with Little People all the time.

  3. I think intimate birthdays for younger children are amazing ideas. I have no ideas why some people spend SO much money when the child more than likely won’t even remember the birthday. It sounds like your entire family had a wonderful time and an even better time creating memories together.

    1. Yes i agree, we don’t do loads of presents either both our little ones have enough perfectly good toys that they love so no need to throw them out to make room for a load more, we just add little bits to collections they have, same with Christmas, gifts is just a small part the memories are a big part 🙂

  4. Happy Birthday to the little one. It looks like you’ve all had lots of fun cooking, baking and carving. What a great season 🙂

  5. What an amazing birthday. It is crazy how fast it goes. Our daughter will be three soon and I can’t quite fathom it. This cake looks so delicious. x

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