Stroganoff Chilli 

Little s loves mince beef she’s not a big meat eater but cottage pie, spaghetti bolonaise and chilli are among her favourites so for her birthday meal we chose chilli. We usually have a cincinatti style chilli but had been sent a sample pot of My Secret Kitchen stroganoff spice blend from our friend Julie and we were eager to try it, so as the mix was a family friendly blend which suits little s as she cant have anything too spicy because of her Lymphoedema and my hubby doesn’t like any food thats too spicy either so we decided to give it a try.

What i love about my secret kitchen is that they focus their ingredient selection on all natural, organic and wild crafted products, they are gluten free, contain no anti caking agents, MSG,GMO, additives, fillers or preservatives and do not add salt or sugar unless it is integral to the finished product flavour.

We used the normal almount of mince and usual things we would put in our chili and replaced all spices with 2TBS of the stroganoff spice blend and served with quinoa and topped off with a bit of cheese.

And the verdict from the birthday girl. . She loved it, i loved it, we all loved it. The only way to explain it is. . Its like all the flavour without the heat. When you open the packet it smells so good. We cant wait to try more spice blends and other mixes that My Secret Kitchen has to offer.
You can check out for yourself what other great spices, herbs, dip mixes and even chocolate powders they have on offer on Julies webpage here. Beware once you try one you will want to try them all. I think i will be needing an extra kitchen cupboard 🙂

Heres how you can make it too..


1 red onion

500g mince beef

2TBS MSK stroganoff spice blend

2tsps mixed herbs

2tsps garlic granules

2TBS apple cider vinegar

Handful Spinich

2 tins chopped tomatoes


Put some oil in your pan and brown mince,  then add onions and cook till soft.

Add the spices and herbs along with the vinegar.

Add Spinich and tomatoes and simmer for approx 15 minutes.

Serve with quinoa and cheese.

Enjoy 🙂


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