Festival of Nativities 

Every Christmas we have traditions, for us those traditions all make up the magic and true meaning of Christmas rather than it just being about Christmas day and the gifts. One of the first things we do is visit the festival of nativities held every year at the LDS church just 5 mins from our house.

The festival has been running since 2006 and and we have visited for the last 5 years and each year it seems to have got bigger and better. This year the theme was Christmas Symbols.

As we entered the foyer we were greated in person and with the wonderful smell of real christmas trees, on display were the symbols of Christmas and their meaning, did you know that the candy cane which is shaped like a shepherds crook turned upside down is also a J for Jesus who is the good shepherd (John 10:11) and the Christmas tree represents everlasting life, the evergreen is green all year round its needles and its crest points upwards, turning our thoughts to heaven. There was also star, candle, gifts and bells that i saw, holding little s and trying to take photos was a task but to also meant that we could read the signs once we were home.

The first room we came to was the Kitchen Room, with displays of food that would have been eaten in Jesus’ time and a chance to try some too!

It was one of my favorite rooms the fireplace,  the tables, the displays and especially the market stall all looked fantastic! Spot the doTERRA diffuser by the fireplace,  of course they didn’t have doTERRA in Jesus’ day but they burned oils and i bet the smell was the same smell of those days, uplifting and warm smell of Christmas!   And the cakes on display were gorgeous, below is my favourite!

The next room was the Homemade Room filled with homemade nativity displays.

Homemade is my favourite! i just love homemade things it beats anything else, the quilts were just gorgeous and some fantastic ideas if you fancy having a go at home yourself.

Next was the Nativity room full of lovely nativity displays,  we were able to look at a few but little t and little s were wanting to go. Little t just wanted to run around as outside is more where he wanted to be.

The other rooms were…

The Childrens Craft Room with crafts based on Christmas symbols this is lovely for children a bit older than ours or just to have a look in to get some ideas to try at home .

Read and Play Family Room this room was full so we didn’t get to go in and see but it looked cozy with a sofa to sit on a decorated fireplace and books to read.

Dress Up & Photograph Room, again not for our kids but a lovely idea, costumes from the nativity were available to get dressed up and take a photo.

Education Room where you could learn a bit more about the symbols of Christmas and test your knowledge on the nativity.

The last room in the chapel area there were videos playing, we just popped in quick to see as little t had spotted the door and was ready to go but it looked like a lovely place to just go and sit and listen and reflect on the true meaning of Christmas.

It was easy enough to walk round and signposted really well so we knew where we were going and with our kids in tow it made it less stressful. You could tell a lot of work went into it and there was something for everyone. Although we didn’t get to look, read or try anything we still enjoyed being there and seeing it all, its quite difficult with small children, and with our children being different but little t loved the trees, little s enjoyed looking around at everything and i think the best part for them both was seeing the lights and nativity outside, little t of course                                                 loved the big tree all lit up. It was a lovely way to start off Christmas, and its defiantly a 10/10 from us. We will continue to go every year its put on and as the children grow there will be different things they enjoy about it but I’m sure it will be something they always remember.


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