Gluten Free Pizza Pasta & Garlic Bread

This week my hubby and the little ones have had the flu, after escaping a bug and the kids having mild flu over Christmas this one got them good, someone brought it into my hubby’s work and it spread to everyone. For my hubby it was over within the week but he is still left with a cough, for little t he wasn’t sick for long, his immune system is pretty strong considering all the supplements he has and the good food he eats but for little s it lasted longer, she had the fever and the flu then the cough and a cold, she has just started eating now and managed to stay awake the whole day today, it was awful to see her so poorly, her immune system is lower because she has Lymphoedema, so after about a week of no sleep with either one of the kids up all or most of the night and hubby being back to work today i needed something quick and easy to prepare for dinner just in case little s still wanted me to just sit with her, which she did for most of the day but she did manage to play a bit too.

So for dinner my go to quick meal is pasta but it can be a bit boring and bland, with a selection of MSK (my secret kitchen) spice blends and dip mixes in my cupboard no meal is ever boring or bland anymore so i picked out the pizza spice blend to go in the pasta and the country onion and chive dip mix to go on the garlic bread.

We use Ancient Harvest Gluten Free Lentil & Quinoa Rotelle 220g you don’t notice the difference it tastes just like pasta but without the bloating feeling, its so light we love it! we use about half of the box for 2 adults and 2 little ones and for the garlic bread we use Warburtons Gluten Free Classic White Loaf 400g the kids love this bread its the best gluten free bread we have tried and if it wasn’t for the price we would all be eating it! Most gluten free products cost a lot, if i had the time i would make everything myself, but at this time i just can’t make everything, i would love to one day have a go at making my own pasta. With the extra seasoning i just threw it in so the amounts are approx, i do a taste test to make sure it tastes good so make sure you season to your desired taste.


Pizza Pasta 


110g gluten free pasta

390g carton of chopped tomatoes

Handful of organic spinach

2 medium carrots grated

1tbs MSK Pizza spice blend

Approx 2 tsp garlic powder

Appox 2tsp mixed herbs

Cheese of your choice grated

Garlic Bread

Quarter of walburton gluten free loaf

25g unsalted butter

1 tsp garlic

1 tsp MSK country onion and chive dip mix


Melt a small amount of coconut oil and boil some water on the hob in a oven proof casserole dish.

Boil pasta with carrots and spinach until the pasta swells about 5 minutes.

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees c

While the pasta is boiling prepare the garlic bread, melt the butter and cut off a quarter of the loaf and turn it crust side down then slice it, but don’t cut all the way down you want to keep it intact. Mix the garlic and dip mix into the butter then spread it on the slices and on the top of the bread, you can always add a bit more butter if you wish, finally sprinkle the top with the dip mix.

Back to the pasta, drain off as much water as you can then add in the tomatoes, pizza spice mix, with the garlic and herbs and let simmer for about 5 minutes then do a taste test and add more as desired.

Add a handful of grated cheese into the pasta mix and stir until melted, then sprinkle another handful on the top.

Place in the oven along with the garlic bread until the cheese on top has melted and gone slightly brown on the pasta and till the garlic bread is how you like it, i like it crispy!

enjoy 🙂









26 thoughts on “Gluten Free Pizza Pasta & Garlic Bread

  1. So sorry to hear your hubby and kids have had the flu, I hope you escape catching it. This pizza pasta and garlic bread sounds like a delicious and quick dinner. I didn’t realize there was a pasta made from lentils and quinoa, I would like to try that!

  2. PIzza without the bloating? Sounds interesting. Whenever I eat gluten pizza, I end up with a perfectly round belly which I call my ‘pizza baby’. It’s as unattractive as it sounds!

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