Organic Skincare Review 

Ever since i was old enough to use skincare I’ve been trying so many different kinds to help my dry sensitive skin, but they all seemed to either make no difference or make it worse. It will look ok for about five minutes but then when i put foundation on its worse than when i started as the dry skin is highlighted.

With our skin being our largest organ of course it makes sence that we take care of it, first and foremost drink plenty of water, my aim is to drink around 3 litres a day as i workout too so need more.

With all the chemicals in the environment, in products and food and with all the changes we have made so far the last thing i want to do is to put chemicals on my skin so i tried a few natural products and was disappointed that nothing worked.

Then i discovered True Elements TM range, its Natural and Organic! plus certified by ecocert and my skin has never felt so good! With organic ingredients, True Elements products are designed to work with your pH balance, promoting a youthful, supple appearance and enhancing your skin’s natural beauty. Gently crafted using seaweed varieties, True Elements products are abundant in natural minerals. These are well absorbed by skin and in combination the different ingredients can work synergistically to offer remarkable benefits.

Each True Elements product is made without the synthetic fragrances and pure essential oils in some cosmetic preparations that may cause a sensitivity reaction. In contrast, True Elements makes use of the milder extracts of essential oils and fragrances such as linalool, limonene and citral. Natural enriching oils — shea butter, sunflower seed oil, palm kernel oils, and olus oils — are added for skin nourishment.
The seaweed species in True Elements are harvested off the coast of Brittany in northwest France, and the harvesting method ensures that the seaweed yields are sustainable.
These skin care preparations are natural, organic, and free from parabens, GMOs, mineral oils, phthalates, phenoxyethanol, PEG, EDTA, synthetic colorings and fragrances.

Lets take a closer look at what i use…

As well as using the shower gel daily for my body, on my face i use the Velvet Cleansing Milk which really does last forever, I’ve had it for 6 months and it’s only half gone, its great for removing make up or just general daily  grime, then i use the Refreshing Tonic Lotion, usually these tonic or tonners would sting my skin but this feels amazing, there is no alcohol in it which is probably why there is no sting, my face feels fresh and renewed, then on to the Youth Active Serum now I’m not quite 40 years old 🙂  but wanted to start a little early and see what it was all about this serum concentrates several active ingredients to reinforce the skin. Ulva Lgae stimulate the cellular metabolism and synthesis of elastin fibers. The hyaluronic acid stimulates collagen synthesis for a firmer and smoother skin. Then the last part of my skincare routine is the Youthful Face Cream, this one is hands down the best moisturiser my face has ever been in contact with, in the past I’ve seen plenty of adverts or visited plenty of stores where they have said “you only need a bit” or “a little really does go a long way” then I’ve brought the product and need to layer it on for it to work half as good as they said it would! But not this!! It really does go a long way! You really only need a bit! And guess what!? No more flakiness when i put foundation on!!

I use these products daily and my skin has never been so good, the nutritional mask is also amazing and i will be telling you all about that soon. These products are suitable for men and women with all skin types. To take a look at the True Elements TM range for Europe go here. USA site available on request. 


28 thoughts on “Organic Skincare Review 

  1. Never heard of this brand yet but I’d love to try since this is all natural. It’s nice that many companies are now introducing organic ingredients.

  2. I would never have trusted something marketed as natural and organic in the past- they never had quite the same abilities as other cleansers but there are so many great products now and this brand sounds great!

  3. This line looks wonderful! I’m a huge fan of everything organic. Looking forward to giving them a try. Thanks so much for sharing them with your readers

  4. I love that the packaging is nice and simple for starters and not covered in writing that no one will read. I haven’t tried this brand before but do love natural products with natural scents. Ps. love your nails!

  5. I love to use natural products too, my skin is quite sensitive so I prefer to avoid parabans and stick to organic stuff. Never heard of this brand before,

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