Gawthorpe Hall – National Trust

Summer is on its way!! The weather has been getting better and we decided to rejoin the National Trust especially now you can pay monthly which works great for us, both little t and little s love being outdoors and little t enjoys walking round places like Gawthorpe Hall. We have visited twice, once when the house was open and once when it was closed both times weren’t busy because we always choose to go to places we haven’t been before when its most likely to be quiet, this helps our kids get used to the place and its how we all prefer it.


Gawthorpe Hall was redesigned in the 1850s by Sir Charles Barry, designer of the Houses of Parliament and Highclere Castle. It has lovely gardens to walk around and woodlands to explore. The house is even bigger than what you see in the photo above, there are also lower levels which house Lancashire county council offices. When we walked around the inside it was a quick walk around as little t doesn’t like to hang around, its a beautiful house with a gorgeous display of textiles which includes beautiful lace, embroidery and needlework, surprisingly little t really liked looking at these, being autistic thats a good thing for him.


On the outside we have explored the garden to the back of the house, which overlooks a river, i think the only thing that spoils the peace and quiet of the place is the rowdy football training ground that’s across the way but its not too much of a big deal. To the front of the house is the gardens and woodlands, we went straight up to see how far it went that way, there are steps that go up and you could easily take a buggy or wheelchair at least up to the first level of the garden, there might also be a way to get the second, we went beyond that into the woodlands and found a beautiful pond which we walked around easily with the kids, little s was carried at this point as shes not as steady on her feet and gets tired easily.

The kids loved running around the large gardens and going up and down the steps, little t enjoyed going up the steps then running down the grass slopes, little s was a little more cautious and daddy had to carry her to run down the grass. Its a wonderful place to walk around and get some fresh air, exercise and some fun exploring and learning. Both our kids learn better visually and we have been learning about the letter t recently and there are plenty of things to see and learn about. This was the first place we took little t too and he came without a nappy and used the public toilets, the disabled one as there is no way he would use the little cubicles, these are only open on the days the house was open but they are very clean and although he wasn’t completely happy about going in there he did it!! This is a huge thing for him but thank goodness it was clean! There is also a cafe there but we didn’t go in, we actually took a picnic instead and ate in the car before we went in, the car park isn’t far and its quite easy to just pop back to the car if needed.


There is no doubt about it we will definitely be going back its one of two national trust places that are near to us, we want to explore more places especially now we know that the kids can deal with walking around and that they enjoy it. The staff were lovely too, little t made a bit of noise once we got to the top of the house it was a big room and he was a bit excited about it, usually this would cause dirty looks of disgust from people but people were fine and that felt good!

You can find out more information about Gawthorpe Hall and the The National Trust here


14 thoughts on “Gawthorpe Hall – National Trust

  1. Hi – we are really glad that you enjoyed your visit to Gawthorpe Hall and that all of your family were able to enjoy themselves. We do have events for families during the school holidays they are listed on our website or if you would like me to email a list out to you let me know, email on
    Your photos are lovely too – kind regards
    Rachel Pollitt, Hall Manager

  2. I would love to visit here. History excites me so looking at old homes is always a thrill. Plus the gardens are gorgeous!

  3. What beautiful scenes! I’m delighted to see that dogs are allowed as I know my pup would love a walk around a place like this. What fun places the trails lead to!

  4. I think it’s great that you take the kids out to enjoy a nature. We live in an age of technology, and it’s really nice to take a break from all of that. Great coverage on this historical, and beautifully landscaped place.

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