Natural Cleaning & Hygiene Supplies 

**UPDATE – We now have an excellent water filter that reduces all the nasty chemicals, chlorine and other nasties in our water, we use this to cook our food, wash our food, we also have a shower filter that removes 100% chlorine and reduces all the other nasties so we also now use that same water in our household cleaning products.

Natural healthly living is expensive!! To get the best usually means you pay good money for it, which is fine however a healthy alternative doesn’t always have to mean more money, making things for yourself and home can cost less and be better for you and your family. Hand soaps, cleaning products, body  wash, baby wipes are a few of the things in your home full of harmful chemicals. Making your own is not only affordable and better for you it takes very little time too.

If you are a regular to my blog you will know that my husband has eczema, I have sensitive and dry skin and Little S also has eczema and these have been fine on all our skin. The body wash is suitable from birth although you only really need to wash a newborn in water for the first few months, we also use it as a shampoo for the little ones, they are 2 and 5 and little s has never washed or used shop bought shampoo/soap, we threw it all out when little t was around 1.  It’s important to put the oils into the soap first to help it mix properly. 
We use dr bronners baby mild castile soap then add our own essential oils. The white vinegar can be found in big bottles at any Chinese supermarket. You can find the soap and reusable wipes (we use white for bums and coloured ones for faces and hands) on Amazon and the oils here

Hand Soap
Foaming soap dispenser (available from doTERRA) 

Cooled boiled water/filtered water

2 tablespoons baby mild castile soap

5 drops of Essential oils of your choice
Add oils to the castile soap then add to water, no need to shake just tip back and forth a few times. 

Foaming Body Wash (Shampoo for little ones) 

A large foaming soap pump 

3 cups filtered water 

1/2 cup baby mild castile soap

6 drops essential oil (we use wild orange) 

Add all ingredients to the soap pump, adding oils to the soap first, tip don’t shake to mix. 

Cloth Wipes Solution

For about 12 wipes we use

1 cup filtered water

2 tablespoons of baby mild castle soap

2 drops of Melaluca (Tea Tree) 

Always put the essential oils into the Castile soap first and then add to the water mix and pour over wipes 

Multi Purpose Cleaning Spray 

We use the spray bottles from Wikaniko 

2 cups Filtered water

1/2 cup white vinegar 

10 drops of Onguard*

Add all to the spray bottle tip to mix and your done!

*if you have epilepsy please use an alternative to on guard, it contains essential oils that could possibly trigger a seizure, these oils are perfectly safe but like with everything we need to be cautious with some conditions, its always better to be safe! 

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