Our Almost Chemical Free Home

Why almost? Because there are chemicals even in our bedding, the carpets, the laminate flooring you name it they just seem to be everywhere! We are still on our journey but we are finding more great things to replace the nasty chemicals, its been quite a few years that we have been making the change so i can’t pinpoint the exact start but i know it started with food, once little t started weaning we looked more closely at what we were eating, i wasn’t aware of baby led weaning back then so little t started his food life with baby rice, little s had a better start as we started her off with real foods. Then when we discovered little t had ASD/ADHD we changed more things although no one knows the cause of ASD there are environmental factors and certain foods can make it worse, like lists of sugar can increase hyperactivity especially at bedtime, lack of sleep, and more meltdowns, and then just recently little t was diagnosed with epilepsy, little s also is ASD and she has Primary Lymphoedmea so for us its really important that our whole family is as healthy as we can be, its not an easy task, especially with all the conflicting information on different things but we do the best we can.


Most of our meals now we cook from scratch, we buy what fruit and vegetables we can organic, we have yet to find a local farm that sells vegetables which would be ideal but we can only do what we can, we do however buy our meat from a local farm. Both our kids are gluten free they had tummy issues and little s had some eczema on her foot that just wasn’t clearing up but we didn’t want to put them through endless bloodtests so we eliminated gluten and it seems to have worked! We limit gluten free products its only really bread and wraps that we buy everything else we make ourselves like cakes, the kids favorite is the coconut flour brownies 🙂

We also use organic supplements because there is no way we can get all the nutrients we need from food. They are kid friendly and our kids love them especially the CiagaV which is little s favourite, she is the pickiest eater at the moment as she is 2 years old so I’m hoping its just a faze like her brother had because he is a great eater now even though it was really tough getting him to eat for what seemed like forever but we stuck with it and now he eats pretty much anything!


Hygiene Products

After we started our food journey.. because really its one all on its own it takes alot of time researching what ingredients to stay away from, ideally its best to stay away from anything that needs ingredients but we just aren’t there yet, we have just figured out whats best for our family up to now… So the next is hand wash, its not only easy to make your own but so much cheaper too. We just use PiMag water, dr bonners baby mild and doterra On Guard and thats it! Then we threw out all baby shampoo, body wash etc and made our own, its the same ingredients as the hand wash only it has Wild Orange essential oils instead. Our kids bathe daily and have detox baths on alternate days so mostly they are just washed in water and their hair too unless it gets stuff in it, then we use the shampoo. Little s hair is getting to the point where she needs a bit of conditioner, unfortunately she is like me and has knotty hair, we have some all natural organic magnetic shampoo coming soon!!

Cleaning Products
Next was washing powder, we have made our own, used soap nuts, but finally settled on bio d and violets because i just don’t have time to make everything, and these are best we have found. Also we use bio d washing up liquid and toilet cleaner. For our multi purpose cleaner we make that with PiMag Water, white vinegar and on guard essential oil and its amazing!! So much better than anything shop bought.


Next comes the water! for ages i searched for a shower filter because hubby and little s have eczema and little s was quiet bad!! At this point we stopped using stuff from the doctors and made our own, you can read that story here. We then came across Nikken which you can find out more about here, and the PiMag shower that removes 100% chlorine… WIN!! Then there was the PiMag Waterfall for drinking water so the water we drink and put in our body is awesome and little s eczema went apart from her feet which we are taking care of now with diet and hubbys improved massively and the rest we are taking care of with diet also.


Little t was the first to get a sleep system, or the mini sleep system as we call it, we call it this because he is still in a toddler bed and the kenkopad single is too big and so the pet pad fits perfect! He has the pillow and duvet cover too, all organic, magnetic like earth pads creating a perfect environment to have the best nights sleep and that is what he has. Little s has the pad and pillow you can learn more of how it helps them here and here. The newest addition to our home is the amazing kenko air filter, its above medical grade and keeps the air just like it should be if we were living in a forest, fresh and clean! We move it around but its fantastic while we sleep.

Nikken is also responsible for our skincare choice, its natual organic and certified by Ecocert, we also use the shower gel for us adults 🙂 you can find out more about that here. I also discovered that cotton is the dirtiest plant, it has a ton of pesticides on it but i found some organic cotton pads at Wikaniko which is where we get our cleaning and laundry products from.

Future Plans

One thing i find really difficult it balancing  good diet. One thing i have learned is try not to do everything all at once, step by step is the best way and research and come to your own decision about what you are comfortable with for your family. We will continue to do research and do whats best for our kids by replacing the chemicals with more natural product and items in our home as well as share with others what we find. I’m grateful for the amazing products we have found on our way and I’m sure there is much more to discover.

Feel free to share your journey with us too. 🙂


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