Highs & Lows – Month 1

Month One is done!! I’ve been posting my daily progress over on Facebook but here are some of the highs and lows of Month 1!

No filters for this one! Day 10/60 Insanity!!! Today was the most difficult one, the dreaded dvd i have to beat and im getting there bit by bit!! Im getting stronger 💪 i also discovered even our knees sweat!! sporting my grey leggings it was very apparent, luckily i workout behind closed doors, you just get to see my sweaty face and I’m still smiling!! I love it!


Day 12 after little sleep being up with our youngest for most of the night i have no idea how i was able to push myself through that intense workout, but i did it! one more day then rest day, tomorrow its two workouts!! Yes TWO!!!!!


Fit Test and recovery meal done!!
Biggest improvement… I can now go half way down doing man push ups!! they are the one things i can never do but my upper body is getting stronger!! i improved on all exercises! Cant wait to see the results at the end!

Day 17/60 workout 1 Pure Cardio done!! Still as red, still kind of smiling with my last bit of energy even after not the best nights sleep i managed to push through with a little help from my friend mito2max!
A few people have commented how brave i am for going live or showing photos after my workout! This isn’t me at my worst, this is me at my very best! This is me after pushing my body into change, this is me for the first time in over 12 years on a journey to change my body doing it the best way there is, with proper nutrition, no fad diets or magic anything that promises fast weight loss which only leaves me feeling weak and tired not strong and healthy! This is me learning and changing into a happier, healthier, stronger me! bring on workout 2… After some rest and food


Week 3 done!! i am not going to lie, it doesn’t get any easier! Today i didnt want to do it, im tired!! The end of the week is difficult but i did it!!! I pushed through and even though it’s my nemesis dvd i managed to do just that one more, my man push ups are getting there… You may wonder why no lives!!! Because as soon as I’m done little t likes to come in and have a go he peeps through the door several times while I’m doing it waiting, his new words are go go go and dig deeper 🙂 now for a relaxing hot detox bath! My muscles need it!!

The start of Week 4!! Everything felt like it was against me today, but i got through pure cardio!! Even after very little sleep i still did better than the last time i did it!!  i had to rest on the way up the stairs for a shower though, i have no idea how i managed to even smile my little monkey was waiting to come do his workout before going out working with daddy!



2 more workout days and month one will be done!!

Dinner tonight i love healthy food but i didn’t always eat this way. its a journey that I’m still on and I’m loving it! It all started with small changes! I never thought I’d be eating some of the things i do now or doing without others and definitely not doing workouts everyday like i do and enjoying the sweat and pain!!


Month 1 DONE!!!
Sunday is usually always rest day but as we were away yesterday i just couldn’t miss the last workout of the month! I had to finish the first month, i finished on the same workout i started, the one that made me cry and almost killed me  but i finished strong!! I no longer do push ups on my knees!! i can manage one full push up and the rest i just go as far as i can but i stay strong and push through!
Where would i of been if i hadn’t made that decision to start four weeks ago….
 8lb heavier
 Still not able to do a push up
feeling defeated
 less muscles
 wouldn’t of learnt more about nutrition and my body
 not as strong 💪
 a clothes size bigger on top
Bring on recovery week, then more blood sweat and tears in month 2!!!! maybe we can get to see more of the muscles I’ve been working by the end.
Thank you to everyone who is following and encouraging me it’s helped keep me going!!! And i feel fantastic!!! 



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