Highs & Lows – Month 2

Im playing catch up again but here is my posts from my journey through Month 2 of insanity, it was difficult, the hour long workouts were hard, i think time was more the problem and the fact that the kids had a spell of being up during the night which meant i didn’t get a good nights sleep, so i found it hard to push myself but i wanted to get through it, I had come this far so i had to finish it, my results will be in my next post.

Month 2!! Just a quick update to let you all know im alive!!! as i have to go see to the little ones but I survived the first 60 minute workout!!  thats 60 mins of an insane workout! Im not sure who is more insane, ShaunT for expecting people to do that stuff or me for doing it!!
My body was more ready for it than my mind, i looked at some of the exercises and thought, hell no! But suprised myself and i now know its more important to get it right and not how many i get done, like last month i know that will build up as i go and as i get stronger. I can do this 💪… When i said i didnt think i could sweat anymore.. I was wrong! I have supposedly quick dry workout clothes and they can’t handle it   i still have the fit test to do…. Later!21319083_579941045730062_4753819244422053250_o.jpg

Day 38

Longest, insanist (not sure that’s even a word) workout ever!! Today i am tired but i think I’m about to get woken up!


I think the food is a definite high, i love it!!

Creamy Chicken Salad with homemade Honey and Mustard Dressing! ❤️ i love this food! The @autumncalabrese Fixate cookbook is awesome! easy recipes and so yummy!


Trainers on and ready for the killer workout! It seems you need decent footwear for this workout.. I learnt the hardway which involved blisters! Also it’s good to invest in a good exercise mat to avoid carpet burns when doing hi-low planks!!!


Month 2 Week 1 Done!!

Weigh in day! Total loss so far 12lb still not measured i really need too!
Month 2 week 2/4
Less than an hour today!!! Max Cardio Conditioning!! I can do this!


This is so true  my body has been more capable than my mind ever thought!
Believe you can do it!!


Let the sweat begin! Recovery workout… But it burns the most!! Here goes…


I’ve felt like this over the past few days, but im over it now, I pushed through! It was hard!
I lost more weight, gained more strength and muscle in that time! I won’t give up!It makes it much easier when my workout takes place at home.. No bad weather excuses, no travel problems i just press play and im there! Today I’m ready! Lets kick this cardio! ❤️

21751333_585230845201082_7881860523203269850_nMonth 2 week 2 done!!! Annnndd i forgot the extra Abs workout yesterday so i did it today! No crunches or situps just these things ouch!


Done! 💪 just about managed a smile after that insane Cardio!! Lots of water needed after that! Today I’m tired as the kids were up last night and yesterday i missed a meal as we were so busy, so i don’t have as much energy as i should, which makes it harder but today I’m making sure i get all i need!…. And hoping the kids sleep tonight

Im now half way through month 2 week 3! The end is in sight! Next week is my last week! Although it may be the end of Insanity its by far the end of my journey, I’m deciding my next challenge!


Last day of week 7!!! Then its onto the 8th and final week!!.. And for the next challenge ☺ Saturday Morning lets do this!!


This is how much water i need to get me through the 1 hour workout! And today will be the last time in this challenge i do the full hour max interval circuit!! Let’s do this!


Bye bye full hour workout I’m done with you!!

See month 1 HERE


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