Insanity & to Date Results!




This is my before and after doing Insanity here’s what i lost… (i should of taken a pic to the side too!!)

Chest – 2cm
Upper Arm – 1 cm
Waist – 5 1/2 cm
Hips – 5 1/2 cm
Bum – 8 1/2 cm
Thigh – 6cm

Weight – 15lbs

Heres what i gained..
I can do a man push up ๐Ÿ˜‚
Knowing how much and the best kind of food i have to eat to give me the energy i need, not only to do the workout but to get through the day, there were days when we were up at night with the kids for hours, days when i just didn’t feel like working out but i pushed through and did it. When i felt down about not loosing more i reminded myself that everyone’s situation is different and even the workouts i did when i didnt feel i had the energy, made a difference!
From all the diets i have tried over the years changing my lifestyle has been the best, most rewarding and this workout and nutrition plan has taught me more than any other, plus i really enjoy the food, im no longer afraid of carbs and haven’t been left feeling hungry and exhausted. There is no magic anything, its hard work and dedication that gets you to any goal!



This is my weightloss journey so far from June 2015 to present (its the only pic i could find). I started my weight loss in September 2015 with a keto diet.. It was awful! I tried various diets and workouts that were all the same and i got bored with the same ones everyday. I lost 32lb by the end of Sept 2016 but i was exhausted and depressed, i restarted this year with country heat and lost 14lb, then i started Insanity and properly discovered what working out and good healthy food can do.. Plus a couple of treats

Whats next? I’m continuing my weight loss journey, i have another 42 lbs i want to loose, then I’ll continue on after that maintaining. I will be doing different workout challenges along the way. its always slow for me this time of year but I’m hoping this time it will be a little different.

Keep up to date with all the yummy food and get free recipes and support in our clean living group heres the link..


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