Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!
We are almost illness free!  which is why this is a bit late.
2017 saw some of the worst times of my life along with some great achievements for us all

Little T turned 5 and was diagnosed with Autism and Epilepsy, Autism we were expecting Epilepsy we were not, watching him have two seizures, blue lighted to hospital on a code red and not being responsive for hours has to be not only the scariest moment of this year but of my life! Since then we haven’t had a good nights sleep with the worry of it happening again, however he is on medication, been through colds, flu and most of December with illness and been fine, he has a monitor and we keep a close eye on him. He has come along was with his speech and communication last year too! Copying words and using PECs, hes more social and has even started helping and doing some chores.. He loves helping he is doing fab at his writing aswell and can write T!! 🎉

Little S turned 3 and was also diagnosed with Autism we were half expecting it but it was more difficult, she is non verbal but is making more sounds,.. Dada or daddy is her fav and only word! Shes eating more foods and learning to play.. Even a little with her brother and niece.

Our granddaughter turned 1!! And we welcomed a gorgeous little nephew and cousin. I smashed insanity, 21 day fix and most of insanity max 30 (before illness struck) lost weight, became stronger, learnt about food and became a beachbody coach and introduced an amazing shake into my daily diet for which has helped with energy (let’s face it i need it 😂 ) my anxiety and depression.

For 2018 i have goals and hopes and dreams but if the only thing we get is no more emergency hospital visits then i will be happy… , wait more than happy 😊!
I can only hope for a better year for our kids.

Wishing everyone a happy and safe 2018!
Smash your goals, work hard, reach for your dreams and hope for a better future for everyone!



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