Insanity MAX 30 Highs & Lows (Month 1)

Happy New Year!! It’s been a long month here in the Barber house, we all came down with the sickness bug at the beginning of December which cut short my insanity max 30 program because both little ones we poorly for over 4 weeks!! they caught the flu right after the sickness and it was awful for them however they are all better now and we are hoping no more sickness this winter!!

So heres how i did on my Insanity Max 30, i lost 13lbs just under a stone, but this year i continue my journey with T25 to get me back into it, i put on 3lbs over the time i wasn’t working out and taking Christmas into account, but that has been lost already and I’m back on track.

MAXED OUT!!! Can’t speak! Oh my! Can’t believe i just did that and made it through!  day 1 DONE!!


Workout Done

Today i had more energy, i wasn’t dying by the end of my workout! I really enjoyed it!… I might regret saying that tomorrow then i got my treat!!

We tried Strawberry and Chocolate today! And even the hubby likes it!! ❤️he is doing T25!

We used PiMag Water, Pimag Ice, Strawberrys and Chocolate Shakeology!! Loved it!

Now time for a shower, autumn crafts and playdoh making!!


Day 3 Sweat intervals lived up to its name!! Oh my! But it was so good!!!!  Now i think i definitely deserve a chocolate shake!!


Day 4

Another thing that is so important living a healthy lifestyle is personal development, working on your mindset!! take time each day ar least 20 mins read and listen, take notes. Strengthen your mind!!

Its time for me to get some extra personal development in while the kids amd hubby are out!


Morning everyone! Its weekend!!!
Today i have a recovery workout but knowing ShaunTs idea of recovery from my last challenge will mean i will still be super sweaty! 😂

I wanted to share with everyone another part of my journey as my health and fitness also affect it. I have Anxiety, i also suffer from depression but today lets talk anxiety. Some of the ways it affects me are in the article i wrote last year

This year has been a tough year it could probably go down as the worst, scariest, most draining year of my life, thats not to say it hasn’t been full of good things too! Anxiety just makes things harder.

Working out and eating a good healthy balanced diet has made a huge difference, and I’ve also noticed a difference this week with adding my superfood nutritional shake, fantastic things can happen to our bodies and our minds when we are eating the right food, getting the right nutrients, and working out! Its what our body needs to function properly and to be healthy!

Please don’t suffer with anxiety alone there are people who understand and there are steps you can take to help make you feel better! I walk that path everyday. ❤️

My inbox is always open! ❤️ have a fab weekend!

See (Anxiety and Me)

Week 1 done  how do i feel the first week having everything my body needs to succeed!!

Happy Sunday!!
Tomorrow is Monday the start of a brand new week and in that week is a brand new month!
Perfect time to make a change for the better.

My journey started because i made a choice, i made a choice to change and i took small steps to keep progressing along the way, now I’m healthier and im happier, not only can my body do more my mind is stronger too!!

Make a choice and take a step now, i can promise you won’t regret it.


Week 2!! Insanity Max 30!! Cardio Challenge Done!

I got up this morning and all i felt like doing was going back to bed and staying there for the rest of the day!
I had no motivation at all!
So why the hell am i smiling in this photo? Because what i do have is determination to keep a commitment i made to myself, and i did my workout anyway and pushed through it. I have two little ones who need me to have strength and energy, who are going to need determination themselves asthey learn to be the people they want to be in a world that sees them as different. I have to be their example, their mentor, their teacher, their provider for the rest of forever, its what being a parent is and i have to be the best that i can be so that i can help them be the best they can be.
Thats not going to happen laying in bed or sitting on the sofa! So I’m smiling because i made it through one part of my day, you don’t need to feel motivated every day you just need to be determined! 22904798_607556802968486_6280323984020843891_o

Sweat intervals i am ready for you!!…. Ready to get this done! its time to drown in sweat again, this one is the hardest and the messiest! luckily no one has to see me while i sweat it out!  I have access to all the Beachbody programs, nutrition plans and recipes plus a cooking show all in one place!  i love it! The shake that waiting for me on the otherside of this workout will get me through even if nothing else does 23157458_608518686205631_5765898424956984861_o

It took alot of time before i believed in myself, but i allowed myself time to focus on me and my health and wellbeing, and its paying off! I was able to carry my now 3 year old around the sea life centre today, which is a miracle because I’ve never had very good upper body strength, but now I’m stronger!! And I will continue to get stronger and healthier! I am no good to my kids if i dont take care of myself!

Believe in yourself! Whatever changes you want to make you can do it, the first step is the hardest but you CAN do it!!23116679_609281452796021_4309299838280143556_o

Workout today was done with my little one, she thought she might like to join in, jumping and twirling then jumping on me, i may not have been able to concentrate as much but i still got it done! then Mexican hot chocolate superfood shake for my reward

Workout  one of the hardest of the week! As i missed one on Sofias birthday Im a day behind! but thats ok!!
Time for my superfood shake and to get ready for The Lazy Baker coming with the cake!! And me and my boy are making fixate cupcakes!! 23167722_610121696045330_1332695775889315564_n

Week 3!!! Day 1! Still catching up from our 4am wake up with the kids yesterday but its done!! Blood, (alot) sweat and tears.. All worth it! Now i need a shower before i can do my shake and I’ve still not decided what I’m going to add to it today! have a fab day! 23213478_611242869266546_4781902791154168426_o

Week 3 day 2!! After a rough night with our little one who woke just as i was going asleep and didn’t go back to sleep till 3am i have no idea how this is going to go but I’m going to do my best!
Sleep is important for our health and its important factor in weight loss however when there is no choice we just do the best we can.. I’m sure this is going to kick my butt!! 23406033_611786405878859_6054215303920515491_o

A thumbs up for myself!!  its funny how we think we can’t do something or it will be too difficult or not have enough energy, this is what i thought this morning but i did it anyway!
How many of us would use the excuse that we didn’t get enough sleep or we just don’t feel like we have enough energy or no time? I used too!
I had max of 5 hours sleep last night, and theres more nights like that than there are of a decent night’s sleep… Can i change it.. No! Can i go back to bed in the day and catch up.. No! Do I feel like working out… No!! But i do it anyway, with each workout i just do my best because thats all i can do to be the best version of myself, and i need to be that to take care of my kids! I feel more energised now after that amazing workout, which will keep me going for a bit,  theres some home ed to do and lots of play!
Its no where near easy, motivation just wasn’t there this morning but determination always wins!! Don’t think you can’t do it too! You can!!


Week 3!! Done   Not as much sweat today as it was a Pulse workout for 20 mins…. And guess what?? The kids slept better last night!! never falls on when its a hardcore day!! Its dull cold and wet and i love that i can do my workouts in my living room and not have to go out! Plus i have loads to choose from so i never get bored! 6lb loss so far…. On my way to loosing a other stone before Christmas!

Week 4!!!
Being healthy is hard work!
Loosing weight is only part of it!
Food is fuel!

YES I I GOT THROUGH IT!! Sweat Intervals lives up to its name everytime! The difference this time was i went for it, harder than i ever did before!

This morning when i woke up did i feel like i was going to be able to do it… No!

When i was already aching in the warm up did i think id be able to push myself through… No!

What happened? I got myself together and told myself that I could do it! ShaunT told me i could do it! Those supporting words that come from my tv screen and allow me to push my body to get me in the best shape of my life makes me push harder and keep going!

At the end i felt fantastic!! I have the energy now to do what i need to get done and get me through the day, there is nothing better for you than working out, eating healthy balanced diet and getting the right nutrients into your body.

I’ve never felt so good!!
The time to start looking after you is now!!  


Friday Fight!!!… CONFESSION TIME! I didn’t feel great this morning! after a very busy day yesterday we decided to move treat night forward because I felt sick! I hadn’t eaten enough, the kids were tired and so we put them to bed first. We go to a very decent Indian and they are very nice and make up a shashlick kerbab with just chicken and green peppers (don’t do white onions) i can never eat it all especially not the bread however i ate more than usual which is what we do when we leave it too long to eat!! I didn’t feel any better this morning so decided i needed to get my workout done, usually i feel hungry in the morning but i didn’t so i knew i had enough fuel to fight it out!! And i did it!  Im learning that i need to make sure i eat when i should, just like we don’t loose weight if we eat too much, we don’t loose weight if we don’t eat enough either, i upped my intake at the beginning of this week and stuck more closely to my portion plan and i lost 2lb straight away!! From eating more!!! Why? Our bodies need food to fuel it so it can burn the fat! Makes sence right? Food is Fuel!!!! Now for my shake and more cleaning… And eating.. Lesson learned!


See Month 2 for results!



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