Insanity Max 30 & Results (Month 2)

See Month 1 first!!

Month 2!! Day 1 that was awesome!!!!!

I wasn’t sure i was going to be able to do that after a very interrupted nights sleep with our little man joining us all night! He likes to move around alot! Upside down, across ways and diagonal ways  but i always!! Feel better after a good workout, i just need to make sure i eat all my portions today so i have the energy to survive!!  starting with my superfood shake!! Mexican hot chocolate today! Yummm!
Have a fab Monday!!

This is where i first got sick then i redid week 1! before i got sick again with the nasty virus that was going around!!

Hardest Workout! Ever!!!! I almost died!! Shaun T I’m not mad you’re still awesome!

This was me yesterday before i went live and told you all about the hardest Workout ever!!

Today i was sore but pushed through max strength… I just read about tomorrows workout Friday Fight Night Round 2.. Round 1 was tough so i expect this to be, however it states.. Hardest workout ever!!! But i thought that was yesterday!!!! And i have to do this all again next week? I am going to die!!


In other news i now only have 3 POUNDS TO GO!!! Till I’ve smashed my extra stone before Christmas that will leave me with 2 stone to loose in the new year!

Not only because of the intensity of it but my body aches from this weeks workouts and I’ve not had great sleep with my little one being up in the night for the past two nights.

So when i woke up this morning i was tired, sore and didn’t think i was fit for the hardest workout ever! I had a good breakfast, carbs, fruit, healthy fats and protein aka toasted English Muffin, peanut butter, 1/2 banana and cottage cheese and after an hour i pressed play!!!

What happened? I drank lots of water and took a few moderation moves, pushed through with the help of @shaunt words and did it!! I maxed out!! (a few times) I’d made a commitment, i could of used alot of excuses not to do it but my kids won’t be sleeping through the night the whole time for a long while, I’m an autism mum, a epilepsy mum, a Lymphoedema mum, a home educator, and lots more, this is my life and i get up each day and do the best i can! Being healthy is top priority so that i can be the best for me and my family!  30 mins of total insaneness, blood, sweat and tears and alot of burn is worth every second if it means i can be a healthier me! 💪

The most rewarding hard work that i will ever do in my life!!


Morning!! It was a long night in the Barber house, our little man was sick again just after he had fallen asleep so we took it in turns to stay up and watch him, he was very hot and heartrate was at the high end because his body was working hard to fight off whatever it is he has at this point seizures (he has epilepsy) can be triggered but we managed to cool him down and keep him cool through the night and he had a good sleep and has eaten a bit this morning! So no workouts for me today, but getting him better is priority!

So instead of a sweaty selfie here’s a recipe  its one of my favorites and so easy and quick to make.❤️ enjoy and stay warm!!  Turkey Burgers Recipe


This is where my Max 30 journey ended and i started feeling sick and the virus and flu came at us! it didn’t stop me starting up again as soon as everyone was better!! here is my up to date date results before Christmas! Before is back when i first started not before this program!

Standing back to back with my former self on the left i was 252lbs on the right 176lbs

A loss of 76lbs (around 5.7 stone)

No fad diets, no magic pills or juice just healthy eating, fantastic superfood nutrition, exercise and hard work!!

The programs I’ve done country heat, insanity, 21day fix, insanity max 30.

My weight is not the only thing thats changed…

Im stronger
Healthier (lower cholesterol)
My anxiety and depression is no where near as bad
More energy
Hardly any pain left in my hips (SPD from two pregnancies)
Shoulder pain from muscle weakness gone!!
(i had clearance from my gp to workout)

Stone before Christmas

Did i make it?… Almost!!!! I was 1 lb off and we all got sick! This bug totally wiped us all out and the kids after two weeks are still suffering 😦 I’ve missed my workouts but I’ve had no sweet cravings over Christmas even though i feel better and my appetite has returned the desire for unhealthy or alot of food just isn’t there anymore…. I barely manage a homemade mince pie!!

New Year is coming up its time for you to stop watching me and join me on my next challenge, set yourself obtainable goals and smash them. My next goal is to be in my ideal weight range by my birthday in July! Thats 2.7 stone to loose. I start January 8th! (i will be working out as soon as the kids are better but this is my challenge start date)

Treat yourself to a better healthier you i promise it will be the best thing you will ever do for you and your family! Get in touch!


Check out my Insanity Journey (the first insanity)

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