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So ive been looking for a few years trying to find a suitable clean nutritional supplement, a lot of people think that food should be enough but unfortunately that isn’t the case, even if we eat our five now eight a day requirement, because of all the messing with our food thats been done it doesn’t contain nearly as much of all the nutrients that it should so we need that something extra to top it up, i know my body and my mind feels much better with it.

I have tried a lot of different products, but nothing that fits my tastebuds or budget! then i found Shakeology but guess what!! it wasn’t available in the UK!!! nooooooo!! it looked fab, wasn’t overly expensive, even though on first look you may think oh my goodness that for just one bag of protein shake!!! but wait! because it contains so much good stuff there was no need for me to buy anything extra, remember I’ve looked into a lot of different products and theres always multiple things you have to buy where as everything i need right now on a daily basis is in this one product. So all the good stuff covered, the price is right, whats left is experience with it. Finally in October 2017 they brought Shakeology over to the UK!! of course i was first in line, in fact i was one of the first 200 😀

Ive shared my first thoughts and experiments on facebook which are below and i will continue to share my experiences the longer i take it. having the kids poorly and getting poorly myself cut into my first 30 days so I’m having to start again, here is the story so far…

“Oh my!! Are you serious!? This is what you call a nutritional supplement??”As promised yesterday i am sharing with you all my shakeology journey, this is my first impression and mostly about taste, one of the most important things of course so today is the first time I’ve ever tried it, after seeing all the fantastic ingredients and waiting for what felt like forever, i was so excited! it is not what i was expecting at all! I went for the Beachbody CEO Special, (added PB and Almond Milk) thought id start at the top!!

I’ve tried a fair few shakes and managed to stomach them as you do bits and all, but this I love!! It gets 110% for taste, seriously i wanted to lick the cup… I didn’t.. Well maybe a little

I didn’t expect it to smell so good when i opened the bag!
I didn’t expect the scoop to be so big!
I didn’t expect it to taste so good!

I was told a fair few times i would love it but the sceptic in me was like… Hmmm you have to say that, it is after all a supplement when do they ever taste really good! … I was clearly wrong! It feels like a treat but i get to have it everyday and its good for me!

Tomorrow I’ll be adding Strawberrys! After i Max out.. Again!


Workout Done

Today i had more energy, i wasn’t dying by the end of my workout! I really enjoyed it!… I might regret saying that tomorrow  then i got my treat!!

We tried Strawberry and Chocolate today! And even the hubby likes it!! he is doing T25!

We used PiMag Water, Pimag Ice, Strawberrys and Chocolate Shakeology!! Loved it!

Now time for a shower, autumn crafts and playdoh making!!


Afternoon!! Its been another crazy day but Workout is done!! And i was just as sweaty as ever but missed my photo op as the kids were on their way back from their walk with daddy  I cannot believe after a rough night’s sleep as both kids seem to now think our bed is better to sleep in 😂 i had the energy to do an insane workout and still feel great! I will be tired later because my body hasn’t had enough sleep and sleep is important but i made it through!

Can you guess what shake i made today?.. Healthy version of course  it was soooo good! healthy nutella flavour superfoods!! LOVE!!!


Week 1 done  how do i feel the first week having everything my body needs to succeed!!

Oh my Pumpkin Pie!!!!
I was making the kids pumpkin pie spice playdoh the other day and the smell made me want pumpkin pie and I’ve been craving it ever since.

Craving fully taken care of today by my nutritional shake…. And I’m so full


Anyone who knows me knows i love Mexican food! Its the best so today i made Mexican Hot Chocolate with my nutritional shake! 😋 It was soo good.. It was cold btw not hot but soo good! So excited to decide what to have tomorrow! Who knew nutritional supplements could be so fun!  


Soooo i may need a spoon!! I may have forgotten that i was using frozen mixed berries rather than fresh and put the usual amount of ice in too!! still tastes good thats all that matters right!


A non sweaty selfie with chocolate spice my daily nutritional shake that tastes amazing and different everyday depending on what i decide to add!

Week 3 of workout plus shakeology and im feeling fantastic for this time of year! Usually i just dont work out this time of year let alone loose weight, i usually can’t push past that blah no energy feeling, but not this year!! I’m on track to loose that stone before Christmas! Don’t have any of the usual craving and i have more energy after I’ve worked out! ❤️23270122_612358052488361_746612196283798540_o

Super excited!! My super shake is now going to cost me 20% less as its been classed as a food.. So no VAT!!
Annndddd we get the VAT refunded on what we have bought since launch in October!!!!  Merry Christmas to us!!! Thanks Beachbody Carl Daikeler you are awesome!! Merry Christmas to you tooo!!!


Gingerbread Shakeology!! Festive superfoods  helping me recover from this awful bug!! I’ve never been ill for so long the kids are still not 100%  i miss my workouts but next week they are happening no matter what! I don’t feel like much of the regular Christmas food or treats I’m happy with my shake and regular clean food still 90% of the time a mince pie and turkey butties are my fav


Snickerdoodle Shakeology

The only snickerdoodle I’ll be having this Christmas! And I’m happy with that! First time trying Vanilla flavor and it tastes amazing! So filling too… Im struggling


After this illness hit but look out for more posts coming soon!!


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