Big News..Goal Smashed!!

Weight in day & BIG NEWS!!!!

I managed to stay off the scales and was so much better for it. I lost 2lb this week!! Wooo!. Annnndddd….

Im officially no longer Obese! Wooo!! This is a great achievement for me, although Im still overweight, Ive hit a milestone!

The obesity percentage is quite high in the UK, and is rising faster than the USA, we are the most overweight country in Western Europe and the overall health of people in this country is shocking!

To do my part in bringing these figures down and to make a difference i have to start with myself!!
To make sure i keep myself healthy, losing weight is just one of the steps i need to take!
To make sure i do my best to teach my kids, i have to be the example!

When i first started my weightloss journey that needle on this image was right to the top! My bmi was at 40 and I was probably not just obese but morbidly obese and very unhealthy. (i only use the wii every couple of months so that before shown in the image is a few months ago )

Its taken hard work!
Good Nutrition!
Superfoods supplements!
And exercise!

No fad diets, no magic pills, magic juice or coffee etc that not only don’t actually work in the long term but aren’t great for my overall health either and thats what the main goal is… To be healthy!



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