Tough Times


I don’t always wake up full of motivation, especially as the week goes on, being up late and up with the little ones wears me down sometimes as well as all the other responsibilities that comes with being an adult and a parent, then load on that anxiety and depression! Yes sometimes its tough! But also all those things are the reason why i get out of bed every morning, the reason i press play and the reason i eat well! I know how it makes me feel to loose each lb, each stone,go down a dress size. I know it makes me feel more energetic, stronger, more confident! How my anxiety and depression are better for it and overall how much better my health is getting, the example I’m setting to my children and how i need my health to be there for them.. I have determination to make it everyday, even on the tough ones! So today i pressed play and sweat it out! Do you see that sweat!!!! Now i can take a rest with my little ones hope for a better night’s sleep ready for double Friday! 



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