Have the Courage

Have the courage! Have you ever felt judged, alone and not included? Thats how it is for kids/adults with additional needs most of the time.
Not just them though, i think most of us have felt this at one point in our lives, i have a lot! Both as a child and an adult, I’ve never really found somewhere, where i fit except with my little family!
I realised though that it says a lot more about the people doing it than it does about me. Even though it would be nice to have a big group of friends and to be included, its better for it to be genuine, what matters is that i don’t judge, don’t leave out, or criticise others, you can’t change other people but you can change yourself! It starts with you being the example! unfortunately a lot of people are getting hurt, because special needs (including mental health) doesn’t always allow for understanding of why people do things they do, they think its because of them, that they are in the wrong, no matter how its explained, so please look out for them and include everyone! Be the difference this world needs! 



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