I Nailed it!

Week 5 Day 3 done! And it felt sooo good!

Today is a good day! I felt strong like i could take on the world! I nailed my workout and that felt awesome!

Not only is my body changing and getting stronger but my mind is also, this journey that i am on affects every part of my life, you start off not being able to look in the mirror, wanting to stay hidden behind closed doors so no one see how “big” you have become and thinking if only i was skinny! Spend a lot of time trying to find that diet that works! Then you realise there is no such thing as a diet and your lifestyle has to change and through small changes everyday things start to get better, then you find these amazing workout programs, fantastically yummy meal plans with recipes that your children will also eat, superfood nutrition and people you can relate to, not only with working out/loosing weight but with every aspect of your life, you then start to realise this really works and has a positive effect on not only everything in your life but everyone! Its helping me be the best me i can be!! I am still on this journey and things are changing! Come and be on this amazing journey with me! You really can do it! Email me and let me help you be the best you!



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