My Journey so far… Update

My journey so far….

This is where i was! Before! This is the only photo i have because it was at a wedding!

Ive been through this before, i was this big in my early /mid twenties and i lost 6 stone (84lbs) then i got married had another 2 pregnancies, was sick and couldn’t move around much throughout both, been through post natal depression and was going through it again only the second time it was worse! Why didn’t it stay off? Because i got pregnant? No, pregnancy isn’t an excuse for getting that big! It was because i was doing fad diets and even though i worked out my body got to a point where it was worn out, i stopped loosing, (i had more to loose) was too exhausted to carry on working out and didn’t really get out of any bad habits, i hadn’t addressed the real problem!!

Today i am slowly approaching that 84lb loss again, I’m 7lb off and everything is different!

 Im smaller in size than i was last time

 I have more energy

 I’m not hungry or craving sweet foods

 No fad diets! My body is getting everything it needs everyday! (I’ve tried most of the loose weight quick things.. Just like get rich quick schemes don’t work, neither do these!)

 I have a huge support system and I’m held accountable!

 My mental health is improving more than ever before!

I changed my lifestyle step by step it didn’t come all at once and isn’t perfect, i struggled for the first few stone/pounds i lost this time then i found an app with workouts, nutrition plans, meal idea/plans, recipes all in one place for less than what we were paying for netflix! It taught me about portion control and the importance of nutrition, Then came the super shake, another game changer! Its by no means easy but it does feel amazing and its not only changing my life but my hubbys and my kids too, i eat way more than i ever did doing fad diets! And its enjoyable! I love it!

That shirt in my now photo was what i bought to start this journey with, i wish i had taken more photos but that was due to total lack of confidence, that’s a size 18 and it was a bit snug, my workout shirt i wear now is a size 12! The slogan don’t give up has stuck since then! I’m still on my journey and will be doing this for the rest of my life! Because its not just about loosing weight! Its about being the best, healthiest, happiest you, you can be!!

This can be you! You can do this! Seemingly easy routes don’t work, I’ve been there time and time again! Email me and we can chat about your goals!



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