Chicken with Maple Glazed Butternut Squash

Swapping rest day for today! My little miss was up most of the night and it seems either has allergies or coming down with a cold so she just wants me to sit with her and rest, which is fine kidos come first! so ill share with you my fav meal from last week.

Chicken and Maple Butternut Squash!

it was really easy.. Apart from peeling the butternut squash, My hubby did that though so i just had to chop it up.

You want a large butternut squash and two chicken breasts, this fed me, my hubby and the two kids (they don’t have much) i couldn’t eat it all as i had green veg with it to so it did me another meal the next day.

The Chicken is seasoned with an MSK aussie roast seasoning unfortunately they aren’t around anymore but you could use any seasoning/herbs for the chicken.

The maple glaze is just a quarter cup of extra virgin olive oil and the same of maple syrup both need to be good quality! (need more info on what to get and where, send me a email) and cinnamon!

Heat oven to 200 degrees c for 30-45 mins, butternut squash will be soft and chicken cooked through and enjoy with salad, green veg or as part or a roast dinner!



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