Amongst the Mayhem

Yes i did my workout! Amongst the mayhem and the stress.

Maybe you are wondering why the heck i would still do it during a time like this!!

25 minutes isn’t that long to squeeze in to any manic day! This is why i love this particular program! And that there is a choice depending on whats happening in life, there is a program to suit! (follow me on Instagram and check out my stories to follow my daily health and fitness journey)

I feel so much better having worked out than if i hadn’t…. Its a fab stress reliever!

I have a goal and i made a decision to make this a priority, i know that it could be potentially difficult for my kids to move house so they are going to possibly need my full attention when we do move.. until they settle in their new home, they are the only reason other than illness that i can justify not doing it!

My family is my ultimate why for getting healthier and being a coach helping others change their life! (another why) They need me to be strong, physically and mentally, they need me to be healthy and this works in all those areas! Its the best thing i ever did!… Apart from get married or have my kidos of course!

You have the power to change everything in your life to, small changes reaps big rewards!




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