Keep Going!

It doesn’t matter how many times you fail, the important part is you keep going!

I’ve felt like i have failed a lot during my journey, at times i have felt like giving up, but keeping going has brought me to where i am now and i still fail sometimes, only now i see it very differently and i know that there is no giving up because i need to keep pushing and moving forward to reach my goal!

What i do need to work on is being ok with life sometimes getting in the way and not feeling guilty! We have been looking for a house and its extremely stressful on top of the regularly daily stresses and after only 3 hours sleep last night and two kidos with colds i needed to just stop and rest and be ok with it, self care and family comes first always! After all thats exactly the whole reason for all this! And after a good rest comes tomorrow and a chance to just keep going and hoping i dont catch the cold! 



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